Woman calls 911 for pizza

This woman called 911 and pretended she was calling for pizza so she can get help from domestic abuse. The call went like this: Read More

Tom Hanks impresses another fan

A taxi cab driver gets waved down by Tom Hanks and gives him a ride not knowing it's him. As they begin chatting about all different things, the "cabby" realizes it's Tom so he screams "Mr Willllsoooon." Tom starting laughing and screamed Mr Ferrari to the cab driver because he was wearing a Ferrari hat. He then takes a selfie with the cab driver and hops out. Later that week the cabby gave rides to some of Tom's friends and kept telling them he met Tom Hanks and asked them to tell Tom, Mr Ferrari says hi! Well eventually he received a text from Tom's associates inviting him to Tom's new show on Broadway called "The Lucky Man," go figure! The "cabby" attends the show and sees Tom afterwards and Tom yells out Mr.Ferrari! Now that's a classic story! Read More

Healthy snacks for Halloween

Who knew that peanut butter, marshmallows, and sliced apples would do the trick?! This looks healthy but tasty...doesn't it? This snack can definitely come in handy for your halloween parties or school parties for the kids! Read More

JLO says she misses the summer

Jlo decides to grace us with her beautiful latin body in a bikini on her instagram page yesterday claiming she misses summer already. Uh ...yeah JLO and we miss the body we had like you once upon a time too!jk ;P JLO always manages to keep herself relevant by releasing singles with the latest artist and touring around cities to find the hottest talent through American Idol! We most certainly can't be mad at her! Read More

(WATCH) Video:Little girl is so brave

Remember this little fun house wheel?! I bet you were never as brave as this girl! This video is funny and cute at the same time...awww Read More
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