WATCH: Tom Hanks Acts Out All Of His Movies

Tom Hanks is amazing! Watch as he acts out scenes from all of his movies in under eight minutes. James Corden is just as good, and it all happens so fast. Costume changes, props, and one amazing volleyball. Read More

Sam Smith Loses 14lbs In 14 Days!

Sam Smith gets skinny! Skinny Sammy!!! The singer is recently showing off a whopping 14 pound weight loss, and he did it in two weeks! He chalks up all the credit to one little cook book that taught him how to eat clean. Find out how he did it! Read More

WATCH: 100 Year Old Granny Skydives!

This granny certainly has a zest for life! She celebrated her 100th birthday by going skydiving. If that wasn't enough she also plans on going shark diving. I guess bingo was not as much fun anymore? Read More

Maroon 5 "Sugar" Remix With Nicki Minaj

Sugar just got a little sweeter! Maroon 5 has added Nicki Minaj to the remix, and she does not disappoint on the sweet stuff. She even name checks Jolly Ranchers...word! Read More

Uptown Funk Starring The Cast Of Family Guy

Check out Uptown Funk in all of your favorite character voices from Family Guy. Of course, Stewie sounds the best! Well done Mikey Boltz! Read More
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