WATCH: Frozen Fever Trailer

Watch the new trailer for the new Frozen short "Frozen Fever". You can see the full version in theaters when you go to watch Cinderella. I love me some Olaf! Read More

WATCH: Lego Oscar Gets Built In Three Seconds!

Some celebrities did not get to take home a REAL Oscar, but they did get to hold the Lego version. Take a look at how fast they made them. #masterbuilder Read More

WATCH: 92 Year Old Man Plays Real Life Bumper Cars

A 92 year old man hit 9 cars at a Piggly Wiggly store. He said his foot got caught on the gas pedal, and then he panicked. The police will not be giving him a ticket, but I hear a bumper car driver may be his next move. Read More

WATCH: Bieber Gets Egged!

In the new promo for Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber, he gets pelted with eggs. For some reason I enjoyed this very much. I wish I could have thrown a few at him, you? Read More

WATCH: Jim Cantore Goes Crazy Over "Thundersnow"

Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel got pretty excited over something called "Thunder Snow". That's when thunder and lighting happen during an intense snow storm. Read More
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