WATCH: Terminator Genisys Trailer

Arnold is back in the new trailer for Terminator Genisys! I thought this was not going to be good for obvious reasons. Arnold is much older now, the story is played out, but I was surprised a lot by the trailer. Take a look and see if you like it, plus see if his signature line "I'll be back" made the movie. Read More

Bob Barker Returns To The Price Is Right

It was an amazing return to The Price Is Right for Bob Barker! Watch has he rocks the mic like he never left the show! Does he give away a NEW CAR? Take a look at his big return! Read More

WATCH: This Guy Eats Just Like Homer Simpson!

Could you do this? This guy has every single movement down, as we watch him and Homer eat in unison. It happens really fast, but he gets all the moves right! Read More

WATCH: Tom Hanks Acts Out All Of His Movies

Tom Hanks is amazing! Watch as he acts out scenes from all of his movies in under eight minutes. James Corden is just as good, and it all happens so fast. Costume changes, props, and one amazing volleyball. Read More

Sam Smith Loses 14lbs In 14 Days!

Sam Smith gets skinny! Skinny Sammy!!! The singer is recently showing off a whopping 14 pound weight loss, and he did it in two weeks! He chalks up all the credit to one little cook book that taught him how to eat clean. Find out how he did it! Read More
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