Robin Williams' Cause of Death Confirmed
Image via Us Weekly's Twitter

WARNING: Specific details regarding Robin Williams' death are contained in the following story.

Yesterday afternoon, investigators held a news conference regarding the death of Robin Williams, and here's the new information that they released. Robin was seeking treatment for depression before his death. He had been last seen alive Sunday at 10pm by his wife who had retired for the evening. The next day, she left at 10:30am believing him to be asleep in a different room. However, later that morning, his personal assistant became concerned after he failed to respond to knocks on his door. His personal assistant found him clothed, slightly suspended, and in a seated position with a belt around his neck. He was pronounced dead at 12:00pm by firefighters who arrived at the scene. In addition, superficial transverse cuts were found on his left wrist, with a pocket knife being found on the ground with blood on it. Whether or not it was his blood has yet to be determined. Toxicology will investigate whether or not substances were in his system at the time of his death, with results returning in his 2-6 weeks. However, when it came to a potential suicide note, at one point the spokesperson for the Marin County Sheriff's Office said that authorities "will not discuss the note" before quickly correcting his statement to say "a note." No word if this was an accidental slip of the tongue, or they are not disclosing that information, but then later that spokesperson mentioned again that he would not discuss "the note." His official cause of death was asphyxia due to hanging. For video of the investigator's official statement regarding Robin Williams' death, see it on Rob Stadler's Info 2 Go story here.

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