Gimme A Second!

It only takes a blink of an eye to win this contest with Marino at 6:27 PM weekdays! Can you identify a Star 94 song by only hearing one second of it? You'd be surprised how easy it is! Details

The Next Word!

Knowing the words to your favorite Star 94 songs pays off in this contest! Weekdays just after 3 PM Star 94's Afternoon DJ, Marino, will hit pause on a song right in the middle of the lyrics. If you can tell him what the next word in the song is, you win! (He'll even tell you the answer at 2:30 to make it easier to win!) Details

Whistle While You Work with Heather Branch!

Weekdays at 10:12 AM Heather Branch will whistle a melody from a Star 94 song (don’t worry, she’s pretty good at it!) If you know it text the name of the song or the artist that sings it, either can make you a winner, to 51539 within 10 minutes of hearing her whistle. Heather contacts the winner to let them know what they won. Details

The Back In The Day Star 94 Replay

Weekdays at right around 12 :13 PM Heather Branch will play a song from back in the day (usually from the Star 94 Big 90’s Playlist) and as a question about that song. The good news is that the answer will only be one word. Text your answer to 51539 within ten minutes after the song plays to be eligible to win! Details

Can’t Beat Cindy on Star 94 Mornings!

Weekdays at 7:35 AM on Star 94 Mornings with Cindy and Jimmy. Cindy, a graduate of The Star 94 College Of Hollywood Knowledge, puts $100 of her own money up for grabs in a 5 question pop culture trivia showdown. Yeah, it’s her money! That’s how confident she is that you Can’t Beat Cindy! Listen to call in and play just after 7:13 AM weekday mornings or play along at 7:35 AM as you get ready or drive in. Details
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