Eliminate First Date Awkward-ness

So you know what your date does for a living, where he or she grew up... Early conversations with a new potential love prospect can often feel like a dry exchange of information typically seen during job interviews. Avoid the awkward-ness by trying these:

  • Get past exchanging basic facts and describe how those things make you feel to start forming a real connection with your date. Okay, so you’ve established that your date is a lawyer. Don’t just ask, “Really, for what firm? Do you know so-and-so?” Instead, ask your date how he or she feels about his or her profession with questions like, “Why’d you choose that career?
  • Meander into hypothetical territory to learn where your personalities, goals and dreams may overlap. ruth be told, most people’s daily lives aren’t rife with excitement, so dwelling on reality doesn’t always make for the most scintillating conversation. It may behoove you to venture into “What if…?” territory with comments, like “I sometimes wonder what I’d do with my life if I won the lottery. What do you think you would do?”
  • Choose date locations that surround you with potential discussion topics and you can both hear each other speak clearly. Of course, if you put yourself amid surroundings where there’s more to talk about, all these talking tips become that much easier.
  • Resist the urge to talk about your relationship history until after the first few dates have passed. While it’s tempting to think that a foray into comparing former flames will get you two bonding super-quick, it’s generally not a good idea early on.
  • Allow moments of silence to happen naturally during the ebb and flow of conversation. No matter how successful your date conversations are, there are bound to be a few unavoidable lulls now and then. If you realize that’s OK, you might actually create even more of a connection with your date.

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