Alternate Movie Endings... You've Never Seen

  1. "Frozen": An early version of the script had a scene where sisters Elsa and Anna lightheartedly goof around in a dressing room . . . but it was cut because the directors thought it diminished the rift between them, and the significance of their reunion.

  2. "Pretty Woman": The original storyline was much darker. Julia Roberts' character was a crack cocaine addict, who was going through withdrawal throughout the movie. And she had to be rescued after being confronted by two drug dealers.

  3. "The Ring": A deleted scene featured Chris Cooper as a child rapist and murderer, who asks Naomi Watts' character to help him clear his name. The movie ends with her giving him the cursed videotape.

  4. "Back to the Future 3": In a deleted scene, Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen was not only arrested for robbing the Pine City stagecoach . . . he was also charged with MURDERING Marshal James Strickland.

  5. "There's Something About Mary": There was a sequence where Jeffrey Tambor, a recovering addict, falls off the wagon. He drinks a beer, snorts a ton of coke, and is SWALLOWED WHOLE by his pet python.

  6. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off": There was originally a backstory for Charlie Sheen's troubled character, showing Ferris trying and failing to help him.

  7. "American Beauty": There was a deleted sequence where Chris Cooper frames Thora Birch and Wes Bentley for the murder of Kevin Spacey's character. And they're actually convicted of the crime.

  8. "Little Shop of Horrors": The movie originally had the stage musical's dark ending, where the carnivorous plant eats Seymour and Audrey, and then rampages through Manhattan Godzilla-style. The movie changed that up, with Seymour electrocuting the plant.

  9. "Fatal Attraction": The alternate ending has Glenn Close's character committing suicide by cutting her throat while "Madame Butterfly" plays in the background . . . and Michael Douglas being framed for her death.

  10. "Return of the Jedi": The first draft didn't end with a celebration on Endor. Originally, Han Solo was going to die, and Luke was so broken down by his confrontation with Darth Vader that he couldn't join Princess Leia in defeating the Empire.

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