Become A Better Googler

Last year, Googlers completed an average of 5,922,000,000 searches a day. Chances are, however, that they’re not using all the smart shortcuts the company has built into its search tool. Here are a few of the most useful ones, courtesy of Yahoo Tech:

  • Search within any site: Remember that one Atlantic article you read a while back about women’s confidence in the workplace … or something like that? Simply preface your search with the website’s url, a colon, and the phrase you’re searching for, like so: womens confidence workplace

Google will only return pages from, or whatever website you desire.

  • Search for flights and flight information: Say you want to check out what kind of flights are available from New York to Oslo, Norway. You can just type in “new york oslo flights,” and a little chart with flight dates, airlines, and prices will pop up below a few advertised results. It even separates nonstop flights from the less convenient ones.
  • Convert things: We were probably all taught to memorize various conversions in grade school: inches to centimeters, liters to cups, and so on. But as soon as the Internet came into existence, that information quickly disappeared from my mind. Now I rely on Google’s lightning fast digital converter.
  • Find movies nearby and times: The days of Moviefone are long gone thanks to this handy shortcut. Enter your zip code next to the word “movies” and Google will bring up all the films showing nearby your current location.

(Yahoo! Tech)

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