What Your E-Mails REALLY Mean

Decode those work e-mails and find out what they really mean! Some are just... well... really mean!

  • I’m wondering if I could pick your brain about something: Help me please I am dying.
  • Looking forward to your thoughts!: Respond to me promptly, or else!
  • Just wanted to follow up: Why the heck have you not responded to my last note?!
  • I happened to notice your great work on __ : I’ve spent 3 hours painstakingly researching your past work in an attempt to ingratiate myself with you.
  • That’s fair: You win this round, Dr. Doom…
  • Let’s circle back on this: I can’t deal with u right now.
  • Great! (1 exclamation point): Sure, whatever.
  • Great!! (2 exclamation points): I agree, and want you to like me.
  • Great!!!!!! (3 exclamation points): Either I am desperately trying to ingratiate myself with you, or, have just had my fourth cup of coffee.
  • Great. (no exclamation points): I hate you.
  • Best: We don’t know each other and never will.

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