Yes, He DOES Care!

There are some things that us guys do that may annoy, baffle and sometimes mesmerize women! We get it! But don't take it personally... Here are a few and why:

1. FALLING ASLEEP DURING ROM-COMS: Even though you made it through "Die Hard", twice! We don't like to admit it, but the little boy inside of us secretly feels like the hero in every action movie. In a romantic comedy, not so much.

2. HOUR BATHROOM BREAKS: That doesn't mean we're avoiding you ladies, we just that want a little escape from thinking in general. Consider this separation a way for you to also get in some alone time as well.

3. COUNTING CARBS IS HIS LIFE: If his hours spent at the gym are cutting into your together time, have an honest conversation during which you explain how much you support his wanting to be in great shape, but also how his new extreme regimen is making you feel.

4. PLAYING GRAND THEFT AUTO, EVEN AT 35: You may not find crashing cars relaxing, but your husband is likely using the game as a way to transition from work mode to family mode. Taking that time to unwind makes it likely that he'll be more present for you later.

5. CHECKING THE SCORES ON A DATE: On some level, he feels like he's betraying his team if he's not supporting it, at least in spirit.


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