BACKGROUND: Bill would ban hand-held cell phone use for Georgia drivers (VIDEO)


A Georgia lawmaker is pushing for a bill that would ban hand-held cell phone use while driving.

If it passes, the measure would mean drivers could only use hands-free devices while they're behind the wheel. It's an idea that has met resistance in Georgia, but State Representative Rahn Mayo tells Fox 5 News that it deserves a hearing this year. Mayo cites the potential to save lives as the reason for making the push. He says there are too many distracted drivers on the roads, and many of them are using cell phones while they drive.

In 2010. a bill banning texting and driving was passed. Police say enforcing the texting ban has been difficult, and the state says have been just under 2,000 convictions since the measure went into effect. Mayo says his bill would be easier to enforce because drivers seen holding a phone could be cited.

The legislature has already banned talking on a phone while driving for teenagers. Mayo plans to ask for a hearing on his bill when lawmakers go back into session next week.


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