It only takes this much time to undo a diet

A lot of it has to do with what you eat and drink, especially when you're on vacation. 61% of people admit they don't stick to their diet while they're on vacation, and 20% say their diet becomes much worse. Read More

Study: Disney princess movies make women believe they can 'fix' painful relationships

According to a study, Disney princess movies and movies such as “Twilight” send a message that if women try hard and ignore warning signs, they can “fix” even an otherwise abusive and painful relationship. Read More

Disturbing Trend: More teens doping on steroids

The survey by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids finds experimentation with human growth hormones by America's teens more than doubled in the past year as young people strove to boost their athletic performance and improve their looks. Read More

Injuries are increasing in this high school sport - and it's not football

Although the most common injuries are sprains and strains, more than 22 percent are concussions in both boys and girls. Read More

This amount of sleep might be better than 8 hours

Recent research and the fact that most Americans are sleeping less than they did in the past have scientists debating current recommendations. Read More

Find out which commercial diet plan is the best deal

Three diet/lifestyle programs met the criteria for the cost-effectiveness analysis: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and VTrim. Several meal replacement products were excluded despite showing some success — including Medifast, Optifast, and Slimfast. Read More

Study: Overprotective moms linked to overweight kids

According to a new study, overprotective mothers are significantly more likely to raise overweight or obese children. Read More

Study: Probiotics can ease high blood pressure

A new study suggests that potential help in lowering high blood pressure might be as close as your refrigerator. The study found that regular intake of probiotics, such as those found in certain yogurts or supplements, may help ease the condition. Read More

Study: Doctors get due dates wrong 97% of the time

Your obstetrician will likely estimate your baby will be born 40 weeks after conception. And, it turns out, your doctor will near certainly be wrong. Read More

FDA: Powdered caffeine can be lethal

The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers to avoid pure powdered pure caffeine sold on the Internet after the death of an Ohio teen. Read More

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