The healthiest and least healthy fun-sized candies you'll steal from your kids

The website ranked 29 different types of Halloween candy based on how bad they are for you, based on the fun-sized versions. Here are the ten worst and least unhealthiest. Read More

Study: Young people more likely to survive Ebola

Who survives Ebola and why? The research suggests young people are less likely to perish, fever is the most common symptom when victims first seek care, and early help is crucial. Read More

FDA approves vaccine to block meningitis strain common in colleges

The Food and Drug Administration says it cleared Pfizer's Trumenba to prevent a subtype of Meningococcal disease in people ages 10 to 25. The bacteria infect the bloodstream and attack the lining surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Read More

See a teal pumpkin on Halloween? This is what it means

While out trick-or-treating with your kids, you may notice some teal pumpkins among the jack-o-lanterns. The funky colored pumpkins are a signal that children with food allergies can safely trick-or-treat at the home they're placed in front of. Read More

Study finds toxic chemicals in store Halloween costumes

Toxic chemicals have been found in Halloween costumes and party supplies sold by leading retailers in the US, according to a study by the Ecology Center's HealthyStuff project. Read More

Google working on pill that would search for cancer

The company says it's working a pill that contains microscopic particles, which can travel through the bloodstream and search for malignant cells. The particles could then report their findings to a sensor device that you wear. Read More

Parents have a new 'go to' treatment for kids' nighttime coughs

Agave nectar can be a low-risk, successful way to treat a child’s nighttime cough, suggests a study published in the journal Jama Pediatrics. Read More

We could someday drink cocoa to improve our memory

The study found those who who drank the cocoa beverage went from having the memory of a 60-year-old to that of a 30- to 40-year-old after only three months. Read More

Study: Women who lose weight conceive faster

A new study finds that women who lose 11 pounds conceived a week faster than those who did not lose weight. Surprisingly, those who were thin to begin with benefited just as much from the weight loss as those who were overweight. Read More

New home test shakes up colon cancer screenings

Starting Monday, millions of people who have avoided colon cancer screening can get a new home test that's noninvasive and doesn't require the icky preparation most other methods do. Read More

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