Find out why teen carried 7-year-old brother on back for 40 miles (VIDEO)

A Michigan teenager carrying his 7-year-old brother on his back has battled heat, rain, fatigue and more to finish a 40-mile walk. Read More

The 5 weirdest things that can happen when you sleep

There's a good chance the freakiest things that happen to your body happen when you're asleep. Which is good, because some of them are pretty weird. Read More

WATCH: Cellphone captures Obama working out in Polish gym (VIDEO)

A one-minute, 25-second clip of Obama exercising in the gym at the Marriott Hotel Warsaw in Poland has gone viral on the Internet. Read More

Attention Parents: Here's everything you need to know about online 'Slenderman'

Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls who have been charged with stabbing and nearly killing a friend told investigators that they planned the slaying to curry favor with a fictional character called 'Slenderman' whom they read about on a horror fiction website. Read More

WATCH: Here's what goes on inside a dishwasher (VIDEO)

If you've ever wondered what type of sorcery is going on inside dishwashers, this is for you. Someone stuck a GoPro camera in one, and posted the video online. Read More

Six car sounds you should never ignore

Here's a list of six car sounds that might mean a crash is in your future, according to Yahoo. Read More

Here's where most of us go to escape from our kids

A new survey finds that 64% of parents say they feel the need to escape for a while during a day with their kids. Read More

Here are the new things coming to your iPhone and iPad (VIDEO)

Apple's iOS software for iPhones and iPads is getting new features for keeping tabs on your health and controlling home devices. Read More

Is your kid's teacher absent from school this much?

School districts are looking for ways to give teachers necessary time out to collaborate and improve while discouraging illegitimate absences. Read More

METRO ATLANTA: The top 10 most dangerous roads for pedestrians

See the Top 10 list of the worst roads in Atlanta for pedestrian crashes. Read More

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