TODAY'S LIST: Five myths about flying

If you travel a lot and think you know everything about flying, some of these might surprise you. Here are five myths about planes, according to a commercial pilot. Read More

BOX OFFICE: 'Guardians' tops for Labor Day weekend and summer (LIST)

the Marvel space adventure topped the Labor Day box office with a three-day take of $22 million — its third time in first place since its release five weeks ago. It is also the summer's — and the year's — top-grossing film to date. Read More

One in five women create this to stalk an ex

After a breakup, it's a tradition to defriend your ex on Facebook . But what if you want to keep tabs on them? Read More

Kraft recalls American cheese singles

Kraft is voluntarily recalling more than 7,000 cases of Kraft American Singles. A supplier didn't properly store one of its ingredients at the proper temperature. Read More

Here are the odds that you'll get caught lying on your resume

The areas companies rarely check are your educational experience and whether you're actually certified in the skills you say you are. Read More

Here's the best place in your house for the Wi-Fi router

It's really frustrating when you can't get the Wi-Fi in your house to work properly, and now science has determined exactly where you should put your wireless router to get the best results. Read More

GAS PRICES: You'll be happy at the pump this holiday weekend

Getting out of town this weekend should be cheaper than earlier this summer. Read More

If you want your marriage to last, go for a ____ man...

This physical feature can determine how long your marriage will last. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: The hardest working cities are...

What are the hardest working cities in the US? Read More

Five ways vacation improves your life

Find out why you should be taking vacation. Read More

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