This website turns your tweets into poetry (LINK)

Simply called Poetweet, you enter your Twitter handle and choose the type of poem you want made: either a sonnet, a rondel or an indriso. Read More

These 9 car models offer best protection in a life-threatening accident (VIDEO)

The chances of a driver dying in a crash in a late-model car or light truck fell by more than a third over three years, and nine car models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Read More

Study: Your credit card data isn't really that anonymous

Scientists showed they can identify you with more than 90 percent accuracy by looking at just four purchases, three if the price is included — and this is after companies "anonymized" the transaction records. Read More

Looking for Super Bowl TV alternatives? Check out the animals

"Kitten Bowl II" kicks off at noon EST on the Hallmark Channel. Fish Bowl II is on the Nat Geo WILD channel (6 p.m. EST) and there's Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (3 p.m. EST) that kicked off the trend and is in its 11th year. Read More

The Super Bowl will only have 17 minutes of actual game time

The Media Education Foundation analyzed last year's game, which took three hours and 23 minutes between kickoff and the end of the fourth quarter. Here's the breakdown. Read More

Katy Perry says Super Bowl halftime will include lion, sharks (VIDEO)

Perry, 30, said she feels blessed to perform on the Super Bowl stage "at such a young age." She said she enjoyed past Super Bowl performances from Beyoncé and Madonna, and what she adds "is some lightheartedness." Read More

WATCH: Anti-domestic violence Super Bowl ad featuring 911 call grabs attention (VIDEOS)

No celebrities or NFL players facing the camera, saying "No more." This ad simply depicts a 911 call of a woman pretending to order a pizza while calling police with her attacker still in the house. Read More

Want a new big screen TV for the Super Bowl? Why you should buy now

Outside of Black Friday, Super Bowl week is the biggest TV purchasing time during the year. About 22% of U.S. HDTV owners purchase their TVs for the specific purpose of watching the big game. Read More

WATCH: Is Budweiser's new 'Lost Puppy' Super Bowl ad a little too cheesy? (VIDEO)

Budweiser unveiled its "Lost Puppy" Super Bowl ad yesterday. Not only does the puppy get lost but he almost gets attacked by a wolf. But his Clydesdale pal and horse friends save him. Read More

New app tells you which people to eliminate from your life (VIDEO)

You wear a device that measures your heart rate, and then the app gauges your heart rate as you talk to people. And over time, it figures out which people make you the most stressed, nervous and angry. Read More

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