You will like Facebook's new "Save" button

Facebook launched a new feature called Save, which lets you do just that: save links to articles, places to visit, movies and television shows to see, and music to check out later. Read More

The ten most common complaints at restaurants

A new Consumer Reports survey asked people for their biggest complaints about restaurants. Here are the top 10 Read More

Flight 17: Pro-Russian rebels turn over black boxes, allow train full of victims to leave (VIDEO)

The remains of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash arrived in territory held by the Ukrainian government on Tuesday on their way to the Netherlands. The rebels also handed over both black boxes from Flight 17 to Malaysian investigators. Read More

You're paying more to fly thanks to the TSA

Airline-ticket prices went up Monday because of higher fees, but passengers can't blame the airlines for this increase. Read More

Willing to be tracked? Verizon has rewards program for you

Verizon Wireless is launching a nationwide loyalty program this week for its 100-million-plus subscribers. There's a twist, though: To earn points for every dollar spent, subscribers must consent to have their movements tracked so the company can help target ads that match their interests. Read More

Can hot beverages actually cool you down?

When you take a sip of something hot, the thermosensors in the stomach become overactive and send strong signals to the brain that you are too hot. In turn, the brain over-compensates the sweating response. Read More

Men's voices change when they're attracted to someone

Do you think you talk differently to a person you're attracted to? A new study reveals that people definitely do. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: 14 things you should always haggle for

You're probably not used to haggling for anything you buy, except for cars. Here's a list of other things you can haggle for, if you know what you're doing. Read More

Flight 17: Bodies, parts of wreckage moved (VIDEO)

Another 21 bodies have been found in the sprawling fields of east Ukraine where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was downed last week, killing all 298 people aboard. Read More

Amazon launches 'Netflix-for-books'-type Kindle service

Amazon is rolling out a new subscription service for Kindle devices that will allow users unlimited access to thousands of books and audiobooks for $9.99 a month. Read More

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