FERGUSON: Reporter caught in tear gas attack (VIDEO)

A reporter catches herself in the crossfire in Ferguson. Read More

Mailman becomes a hero after saving a baby's life (VIDEO)

In a matter of moments this mailman saved a life and became a mother's hero. Read More

Find out why your boss hands you last minute assignments

It happens to everyone. Your boss hands you a last minute assignment on a Friday afternoon. Find out why they don't see an issue. Read More

NEW APP: Lock your child's phone if they ignore your call/text (VIDEO)

See this mom's genius idea to get her kid to call her back. Read More

Why doesn't your new car have a spare tire?

Find out what is phasing this standard feature out. Read More

99 year old breaks a 100 meter race record (VIDEO)

Watch this 99 year old break a world record. Read More

NEW SURVEY: These sights and smells will put you in a better mood

A new survey asked people what "sight" instantly puts people in a better mood. And for women, a cute animal is number one. Read More

NEW STUDY: Cutting up your child's food may lower aggressiveness

A new study found a strange correlation between aggressiveness and how your child eats their food. Read More

The size of your wedding could determine how happy your marriage will be

If you want a happy marriage, find out how many people you need to invite to the wedding. Read More

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