Why is grandma tagging 'Grandmaster Flash' in her posts? (LINK)

Grandmaster Flash is embracing the accidental Facebook phenomenon that has suddenly given him a surge in popularity with the elderly. On some pages, Facebook has been auto-filling "Grandma" with "Grandmaster Flash." Read More

Apple slammed with pre-orders for new iPhone

Apple plans to start delivering the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to customers starting on Friday. But the company says it has already received more than 4 million advance orders — more than it had made for starters. Read More

How your keyboard may affect your choice of baby names

Modern technology affects us in all types of ways, and a new study reveals the popular "qwerty" keyboard has an impact on baby names. Read More

The top 10 jobs where people drink the most coffee

A new survey of 10,000 people who work full-time jobs found that 85% drink at least three cups of coffee a day. It also found the jobs where people drink the most coffee. Here are the top ten. Read More

The four bedroom habits that bother us more than snoring

A new survey asked people to name their significant other's bedroom habit that bothers them the most. Here are the top 10. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: Dating online? Five flags women should watch for

Ladies, if you've been doing the online dating thing, you probably know how frustrating it is. "Cosmo" has put together a list of the biggest red flags to look out for. Read More

WATCH: Rory McIlroy's drive at Tour Championship lands in fan's pocket (VIDEO)

On Friday, Rory McIlroy hit a drive at the Tour Championship in Atlanta that hit a tree and then landed in a fan's pocket. Luckily the fan stayed where he was, so all Rory had to do was take the ball from him, drop it, and he didn't get penalized. Read More

Survey: What young women put up with at bars

According to a new survey, 31% of women under 25 get groped at bars. And it happens so often that only 19% are surprised by it. And 27% said they sometimes have to deal with inappropriate comments. Read More

WATCH: 'Red Cup' talent routine helps Miss NY take Miss America title (VIDEO)

For her talent performance, Miss New York sang Pharrell Williams' "Happy" while sitting cross-legged on the stage and banging a red plastic cup on the floor. That immediately touched off a furor on social media networks, where many were critical. Read More

Study: This could be the key to happy marriage

There was a saying “a happy wife, happy life” and a new study support this saying. According to a new study, the happiness of the wife determines how happy a marriage is compared to the happiness of the husband. Read More

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