Top 10 most unbelievable excuses for calling in sick from work

When asked why workers faked their sickness -- 30 percent said they just didn't feel like going in to work, 29 percent said they wanted the day to relax, 21 percent said they had a doctor's appointment and 19 percent wanted to catch up on sleep. Read More

Doctor in NYC quarantined with Ebola (VIDEO)

A doctor who is New York City's first Ebola patient is being praised for getting treatment immediately upon showing symptoms, as officials stress that the nation's most populous city need not be alarmed by his diagnosis. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: Six ways to end a fight with your significant other

Here are a few quick ways to end the next fight you have with your significant other, according to Cosmopolitan. Read More

CDC: Ebola response teams "ready to go"

New U.S. Ebola response squads are being readied to rush to any U.S. city where a new Ebola case might be identified. The government has also formed a second set of teams to prepare hospitals in cities deemed most likely to see a new Ebola case. Read More

Here are the top five things that we're afraid of

According to a new report, walking alone at night is now our number one fear. Researchers at Chapman University in Southern California just released the results of a national survey. Here are the top five things we're afraid of. Read More

The problem with Apple Pay - double charging

The new feature was made available October 20th but some users are being charged twice for every purchase they make with the feature. Many users are reporting the issue on Twitter, and the issue has been confirmed to be on Apple's end. Read More

Want to chat anonymously? Facebook creates 'Rooms' app

In a throwback to the popular AOL chat rooms of the mid-90s, Facebook today released a new app - dubbed Rooms - that will let you chat anonymously about topics that interest you. Read More

WATCH: Guy turns ice maker into candy dispenser (VIDEO)

Deric Peace submitted an image of his candy-filled ice maker to Reddit on Tuesday, which quickly got him upvoted to the front page of the website. So he delivered with a video of his sugary, modified freezer in action. Read More

Want to manage your Gmail inbox better? Google has an app for that

Google is introducing an application designed to make it easier for its Gmail users to find and manage important information that can often get buried in their inboxes. Read More

Survey: Harassment now common part of online life

The first-of-its-kind report by the Pew Research Center found that nearly three-quarters of American adults who use the Internet have witnessed online harassment. Forty percent have experienced it themselves. Read More

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