The secret to a happy marriage is keeping the house at this temperature?

Researchers found that 55% of couples argue over the temperature in the house and 35% say they never agree on temperature. But this setting apparently is the best compromise. Read More

Kids bring happiness, but when does the magic stop?

Kids are known for bringing joy into the lives of their parents, but does that mean each additional kid brings more joy? Read More

Falling gas prices reach a four-year milestone (VIDEO)

Metro Atlanta's average price of $2.94 a gallon is at a four-year low, with plenty of stations selling it at or below $2.75, especially in Lawrenceville and Cumming. Read More

Walmart tests matching online prices in Atlanta

Wal-Mart is considering matching online prices from competitors like, raising the stakes for the holiday shopping season. It has been testing the strategy in certain markets, including Atlanta, and is trying to figure out whether to go ahead. Read More

New app, device tells you how much you've had to drink (LINK)

Alcohoot has a pro-level sensor — just like the kind used by police and military devices. You plug it into your phone's headphone jack, blow into it for four seconds — and it measures your blood alcohol level. Read More

The ten things women wish men were better at (and vice versa)

What's the one thing the person you're with could improve, to make the biggest difference in your life? According to a new poll, here are the top ten things men and women wish each other was better at. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: The ten jobs Americans are most afraid of holding

CareerBuilder just released the results of a survey where they asked people to name the jobs they'd be the most afraid of having. Here are the top 10. Read More

Why is Atlanta one of the top ten cities for vampires?

A real estate blog just put out a list of the 10 best American cities to be a vampire, based on a number of factors from weather to cemeteries. Read More

The top eight lies men tell on a first date

A new survey found 72% of men admit they lie on first dates. Here are the eight most common lies guys tell on first dates. Read More

WATCH: Giants get last out to beat Royals and win World Series (VIDEO)

Madison Bumgarner pitched five innings of near-perfect relief and the San Francisco Giants held off the Kansas City Royals 3-2 Wednesday night in Game 7 of the World Series for their third championship in five seasons. Read More

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