Gmail bug could make you email the wrong person

Use Gmail? If so, you've probably noticed an issue with the site's autocomplete feature. Read More

And now a social network for your flatulence (VIDEO)

There's a new social network called 'Fartners' that has one simple goal: Sharing the sound of your flatulence with friends, family, and the whole wide world. Read More

TJ Maxx, Marshall's to follow Walmart's lead in raising pay

TJX Cos., the owner of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods stores, says it will boost pay for U.S. workers to at least $9 per hour. The announcement comes a week after Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said it would increase wages for its employees. Read More

Survey: More women willing to pay on first date

A new survey found 91% of women say they're willing to throw in money on a first date, whether it's paying for the whole thing, splitting it in half, buying one round of drinks or whatever. Read More

Does a woman's finger length predict career choice?

It has nothing to do with rings or nail polish, but a new study suggests a woman's fingers can say something about her career choice. Read More

New Easy Bake Oven lets kids bake Girl Scout Cookies at home

You could buy a box of Girl Scout cookies right now for four bucks. Or you could spend 15 times more so your kid can bake their own Girl Scout cookies that won't taste as good. Read More

Ex-Marine conviced in 'American Sniper' trial faces life in prison (VIDEO)

Jurors in Texas have rejected the insanity defense of a former Marine in the shooting deaths of famed "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle and another man. Read More

IRS: Your chances of getting audited lowest in decade

There are fewer audits because the tax agency has fewer agents. The IRS is down more than 2,200 revenue agents since 2010 due to budget cuts. Read More

Consumer Reports: Buick cracks top 10 car brands report card (VIDEO)

U.S. automakers also placed three vehicles on the magazine's list of "top picks" for vehicles, the first time that's happened in 17 years. The rankings were unveiled Tuesday in the magazine's annual auto issue. Read More

Buyer Beware: Used cars often sold with unfixed defects

More than 46 million cars and trucks on the road in the U.S. — about one-fifth the total — were recalled because of safety defects but never repaired, according to a study by Carfax, a company that sells vehicle history reports. Read More

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