Georgia roads, Atlanta's airport to see 1.3M Thanksgiving travelers

AAA says Wednesday and Sunday are expected to be the busiest days of the holiday week, with nearly 49,000 more Georgians than last year traveling at least 50 miles. Read More

Ferguson: Two dozen arrested during Atlanta protests (VIDEO)

Protesters filled the streets of Atlanta Tuesday in mostly peaceful opposition to the Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury decision, although some in the group broke windows in businesses along Peachtree Street and 21 were arrested. Read More

Demonstrators plan Ferguson response at Underground Atlanta

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said in a statement that he urges everyone taking part in demonstrations to do so peacefully. Reed added that law enforcement officers must "show proper restraint and respect every citizen's constitutional right to assemble." Read More

GEMA chief replaced nine months after ice storms

The head of Georgia's emergency management agency has been demoted to a deputy position, nearly a year after becoming the public face of the state's weak response to a January snowstorm that trapped motorists on Metro Atlanta highways. Read More

Falcons Coach: My clock mismanagement cost us the game (VIDEO)

In a rare admission for a coach, Atlanta's Mike Smith conceded Monday that he "didn't do the things that needed to be done to put our guys in the best position to win the game" in a bitter loss to the Cleveland Browns. Read More

CENTRAL GA: Storms, possible tornadoes down trees, cause power outages (VIDEO)

An initial tornado warning Sunday afternoon covered an area near Columbus but the storm gradually moved northeast from there, prompting tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings in other areas as it moved east. Read More

Falcons lose to Browns on last second field goal

Brian Hoyer shook off three interceptions, leading the Cleveland Browns down the field in the final minute to set up Billy Cundiff's 37-yard field goal as time expired for a 26-24 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Read More

GDOT making Thanksgiving weekend traffic smoother

The Georgia Department of Transportation says it'll suspend lane closures between 5 a.m. Wednesday and 10 p.m. Sunday on interstates, major state routes and roads near major shopping areas. Read More

Atlanta, DeKalb ready for reaction to Ferguson case

Leaders in Atlanta and DeKalb County were preparing Thursday for protests and possible unrest as a grand jury in Missouri decides whether to criminally charge a white officer who fatally shot a black man. Read More

JOHNS CREEK: Woman hit by box truck, dragged

Investigators are working to determine whether the truck driver should face charges in the Thursday afternoon accident that left a 71-year-old woman hospitalized. Read More

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