Atlanta, DeKalb ready for reaction to Ferguson case

Leaders in Atlanta and DeKalb County were preparing Thursday for protests and possible unrest as a grand jury in Missouri decides whether to criminally charge a white officer who fatally shot a black man. Read More

JOHNS CREEK: Woman hit by box truck, dragged

Investigators are working to determine whether the truck driver should face charges in the Thursday afternoon accident that left a 71-year-old woman hospitalized. Read More

ROME: Factory fire sends plumes of black smoke into sky (VIDEO)

Plumes of black smoke billowed into the air during the fire Wednesday afternoon at the Bekaert plant in Rome. The fire began with a piece of machinery and eventually spread to the plant's ceiling. Read More

Morning temps in the teens across Georgia (VIDEO)

Temperatures sunk as low as 14 degrees in at least one Georgia town as near-record cold gripped the state for a second straight day. Read More

After epic icejam, is Atlanta ready for winter? (VIDEO)

As winter nears, officials say they will do things differently next time — but they say there are limits to how they can respond. Read More

NORCROSS: Debt collectors busted for bullying, don't let it happen to you

Prosecutors say seven members of a Norcross debt collection agency were "ruthlessly persistent" as they threatened people with imminent arrest unless they paid debts they sometimes didn't even owe. Read More

DOUGLASVILLE: Arrest made in grandmother found hog-tied

Douglasville Police Chief Chris Womack said that 53-year-old Odes Dupree of Douglasville was booked into the Douglas County Jail late Tuesday afternoon and is charged with felony murder. Read More

ARCTIC BLAST: Severe wind chills, hard freezing temps in Georgia

Forecasters say severe wind chills throughout north Georgia could cause frostbite and hypothermia Tuesday and residents should protect pets and sensitive vegetation. Lows on Wednesday morning are expected to reach the teens and the low to mid-20s. Read More

Flags flying at half-staff to honor Gov. Sanders

Sanders is remembered for work in education and improving Georgia's civil rights image. Sanders fell at his home Friday and relatives said he developed respiratory problems and died Sunday at age 89. Read More

AIRPORT: Security dog may sniff you on the way to your holiday flight

Hartsfield-Jackson expects more than 7.5 million people to go through the airport during Thanksgiving week. And what about all that airport road construction? It will continue over the holiday, but all lanes and parking lots will be open. Read More

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