WATCH: Rev. Creflo Dollar strikes back at 'private jet critics' (VIDEO)

A new YouTube video shows Creflo Dollar slamming critics of his mission to raise money for a new Gulfstream G650 jet. Read More

Decision on charges in deaths of nursing students could take months (VIDEO)

The crash took the lives of five Georgia Southern University nursing students, including two from Metro Atlanta. It began when a tractor-trailer slammed into stop-and-go traffic from an earlier wreck. Read More

Valdosta State University cancels classes in flap over flag protest (VIDEO)

Uproar over a protest in which demonstrators walked on an American flag has prompted a south Georgia university to cancel classes ahead of a rally expected to draw crowds of flag supporters to Valdosta. Read More

JEFFERSON: Teen listening to music on phone killed by train (VIDEO)

The train engineer was blowing the CSX train's whistle but the teenager never made a move to get out of the way. Wirthman says the boy's phone was still playing music when it was found in the wreckage. Read More

UGA: Most of tuition increase will go into staff, faculty pockets

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead said he's looking to increase salaries by about 5 percent to narrow the faculty pay gap between UGA and other Southeastern Conference schools. Read More

Fast food employees extinguish SUV fire in drive-thru (VIDEO)

Joanna Young's Ford Explorer suddenly turned off while she and her husband were in the 'Cook Out' drive-thru Wednesday in Lithonia. Young said she tried to turn the vehicle back on when flames shot out from under the hood. Read More

Hawks, billionaire Antony Ressler agree on $850M sale of team

A group headed by billionaire Antony Ressler has agreed to purchase the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. Former NBA star Grant Hill and Spanx founder Sara Blakely are also part of the group. Read More

COBB: Police identify man who drowned in Chattahoochee

A rescue team found the body of 20-year-old Niles Young in the river about 20 hours after he went under while swimming. Police say Young was trying to swim across the river, but became distressed by the cold and swift-moving water. Read More

Former Atlanta TV anchor Monica Pearson diagnosed with liver cancer

Pearson told WSB-TV she chose not to reveal her diagnosis until now because she didn't wanted people to pity her. Instead, she hopes her story will encourage people to go to the doctor and get checked. Read More

Two from Metro Atlanta among 5 nursing students killed in I-16 crash (VIDEOS)

Five Georgia Southern nursing students died early Wednesday in a chain-reaction crash on I-16 that authorities said began when a tractor-trailer failed to slow down and smashed into stop-and-go traffic. Read More

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