FAIRBURN: Veteran Fulton County veteran police officer dies in ambush (VIDEO)

The officer, whose name wasn't released, was a 28-year veteran of the department. She said the death is devastating and asked for prayers for the officer's family. Read More

Georgia temporarily halts executions to examine lethal injection drug

The Department of Corrections said in a news release Tuesday that it would postpone the execution of Gissendaner and Brian Keith Terrell, who was set to die next week. Read More

Georgia House passes bill to regulate Uber

Rep. Rick Golick says his bill that passed Tuesday "provides for reasonable insurance coverage requirements from the time the driver's 'app' is on through the time that the passenger is dropped off." Read More

Wintry weather possible in northwest Georgia

Forecasters say rain possibly mixed with light sleet or freezing rain will be possible in far north Georgia late Wednesday night into Thursday. Read More

JOHNS CREEK: Police make 15 arrests in prostitution sting

Investigators said they posted ads on the web site, and within hours people began showing up at a hotel on Medlock Bridge Road, where they were met by police. Read More

Metro Atlanta town featured in 'The Walking Dead' being sold on eBay (VIDEO)

One of the Georgia towns featured in "The Walking Dead" is for sale on eBay. It's Grantville - located in Coweta County - and it was the setting of a Season Three episode. Now you can own it for just $680,000. Read More

Medical marijuana bill in Georgia Senate takes more cautious approach (VIDEO)

A new bill to legalize a form of medicinal marijuana in Georgia has been filed in the state Senate, and unlike its House counterpart would set up a four-year study rather than making the drug available immediately. Read More

Beverly Hall: Ex-superintendent charged in cheating scandal dies (VIDEO)

Hall died due to complications of the breast cancer that prevented her from participating in an ongoing trial of 12 other defendants, her legal team said in a written statement Monday. She was 68. Read More

Execution of Georgia woman postponed due to problem with drug (VIDEO)

The lone drug that would be used for the lethal injection - pentobarbital - appeared cloudy so officials called a pharmacist and then out of an "abundance of caution" decided to postpone the execution. They did not give a new date. Read More

Want to get around Metro Atlanta? There's a website for that (LINK)

The Atlanta Regional Commission announced its online trip planner called on Monday. Officials say it covers public and private modes of transportation in the 10-county metro area. Read More

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