Is Georgia's flu season peaking early, or getting worse? (VIDEO)

Georgia is facing one of the worst flu outbreaks in years. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia is one of about a dozen states with widespread activity... Read More

GDOT won't close lanes on major insterstates this holiday season

Worried about having to travel through road construction across Georgia highways this holiday season? GDOT says don't worry about it... Read More

The 3 trending toys for the holidays in Georgia

We took a look at the 2014 hot selling toys across the nation, getting a glimpse of what Santa will be bringing to good kids and boys this year! Here are the 3 highest trending toys for the state of Georgia... Read More

Google announces Georgia's Top 10 searches for 2014

Google released its 14th Annual Year in Search – This includes a list of the topics people in Georgia searched for most this year – top searches, people, “how to” questions, “what is” questions and news/events, Google announced in a news release... Read More

Underground Atlanta to be sold for $25.75M

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is planning to make an "important economic development announcement" today at 10:30 a.m. – reportedly to announce the sale of Underground Atlanta... Read More

LAWRENCEVILLE: Couple accused of running fake college arrested

Police in suburban Atlanta say a couple accused of running an unaccredited school that distributed fraudulent diplomas have surrendered to authorities... Read More

Suspected serial killer linked to 4 murders, 'could be more' (VIDEO)

Police talked for the first time about how they arrested and connected Aeman Presley to a series of murders that started in September... Read More

Missing Georgia Tech student found in hospital

A Georgia Tech student missing for more than a day was located in the intensive care unit of a hospital after being involved in a car accident... Read More

Ben Roethlisberger leads Steelers to 27-20 win over Falcons

Ben Roethlisberger threw for 360 yards to surpass his previous high for a season, capping his performance with a third-down pass to Heath Miller that clinched the Pittsburgh Steelers' 27-20 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday... Read More

Mother charged after 2 children killed in Decatur fire (VIDEO)

Police have charged a mother with felony murder after two of her children were killed and three others were injured in a house fire in Decatur on Friday night... Read More

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