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    Rob is the veteran of the Star 94 Morning cast, delivering his “Info2Go” morning news to Atlanta for over 28 years now. Rob’s reports keep Star 94 listeners informed of what they need to know about their neighborhoods, country and world as they head into the workday. Rob’s passion is finding the stories you didn’t even know you were interested in until you heard his report! From your money, health, family, kids, career and personal tech, Rob uncovers the stories you’ll share. He’s won a bunch of awards, but prefers to leave them in boxes and instead hang pictures of his daughters Audrey, Caroline and Ashley on the wall. A native of Ohio, you can find Rob on any fall Saturday planning his day around TV broadcasts of his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.


Study: Disney princess movies make women believe they can 'fix' painful relationships

According to a study, Disney princess movies and movies such as “Twilight” send a message that if women try hard and ignore warning signs, they can “fix” even an otherwise abusive and painful relationship. Read More

Survey: Millennials aren't investing their money

Chalk it up to either immaturity or pessimism, but Millennials aren't investing their money. Millennials, people between 18-29 years old, are cash crazy. Read More

GM issues six more safety recalls

The largest recall is for faulty seats in just over 475,000 cars and small SUVs. Other problems include incomplete welds on seat brackets, turn signal failures, power steering failures, loose suspension bolts and faulty roof rack bolts. Read More

Take virtual tour of Atlanta Cyclorama's new home in Buckhead (VIDEO)

The huge Atlanta Cyclorama painting, which has been on display in Grant Park for more than a century, will be moved to the Atlanta History Center in the city's Buckhead area over the next two years. Read More

Survey: Would you keep working if you won the lottery?

A new survey by CareerBuilder asked people if they'd keep working if they won the lottery. And believe it or not, the majority of people would. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: 14 things you shouldn't buy at Costco

Not everything is better in bulk. Check out a list of things you won't get a deal on at Costco, according to Yahoo News. Read More

Perdue defeats Kingston in Georgia Senate runoff (VIDEOS)

Businessman David Perdue has defeated longtime Rep. Jack Kingston in a Republican runoff for Georgia's U.S. Senate nomination, setting up a general election matchup against Democrat Michelle Nunn. Read More

Even Goodwill has a data breach? How to protect yourself against identity theft (LINK)

As data breaches become increasingly common, consumers don't often know what to do when a company they've done business with experiences a breach. Here are five ways you can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft - even if your data has been compromised. Read More

RUNOFF: Results for Congressional, State School Superintendent races

The winners of Tuesday's primary runoff will be their party's nominee for November's general election. Kingston lost the Republican Senate runoff to businessman David Perdue. Here's a look at where the other races stand. Read More

SANDY SPRINGS: Woman shot during carjacking (VIDEO)

A fight occurred during a carjacking and one victim was shot in a gated apartment community at 6957 Roswell Road, between Dalrymple and Abernathy roads. Read More

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