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    Rob is the veteran of the Star 94 Morning cast, delivering his “Info2Go” morning news to Atlanta for over 28 years now. Rob’s reports keep Star 94 listeners informed of what they need to know about their neighborhoods, country and world as they head into the workday. Rob’s passion is finding the stories you didn’t even know you were interested in until you heard his report! From your money, health, family, kids, career and personal tech, Rob uncovers the stories you’ll share. He’s won a bunch of awards, but prefers to leave them in boxes and instead hang pictures of his daughters Audrey, Caroline and Ashley on the wall. A native of Ohio, you can find Rob on any fall Saturday planning his day around TV broadcasts of his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.


You'll never guess what the top Super Bowl snack food is (VIDEO)

Many parties will have chicken wings and pizza. But NPD Group, an independent market research firm that tracks Americans' eating habits, says this surprising choice tops the list of most popular foods eaten on Super Bowl Sunday. Read More

This app keeps you out of trouble if you have too much at the Super Bowl party

Governor's Office of Highway Safety officials say drivers should download the Drive Sober, Georgia application for Apple and Androids which lists paid and free sober ride programs. Read More

Bill would change eligibility dates for Georgia kindergarten students

Parents are voicing a growing concern over a new bill that would change cutoff date for kindergarten students, but the state's top educators say it is a wise move. Read More

STONE MOUNTAIN: Man shot dead over pit bull Craigslist ad (VIDEO)

The shooting happened early Friday. Investigators say the victim had arranged to meet there with two men from north Georgia who posted an ad on the website Craigslist offering to sell a pit bull. Read More

This website turns your tweets into poetry (LINK)

Simply called Poetweet, you enter your Twitter handle and choose the type of poem you want made: either a sonnet, a rondel or an indriso. Read More

GOLD DOME: GA Senate passes bill requiring coverage for autism therapy

The bill would cap coverage at $35,000 and wouldn't apply to companies with 10 or fewer workers. One in 64 children in Georgia will be diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Read More

MLK kids working to settle dispute over Bible, Nobel Prize

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s children are trying to resolve a legal dispute over their father's traveling Bible and Nobel Peace Prize without going to trial. Read More

CHEATING TRIAL: Ex-APS official says Beverly Hall ordered docs destroyed

The former Atlanta Public Schools human resources chief says the district's former superintendent ordered drafts of a report on the investigation into standardized test cheating allegations to be destroyed. Read More

These 9 car models offer best protection in a life-threatening accident (VIDEO)

The chances of a driver dying in a crash in a late-model car or light truck fell by more than a third over three years, and nine car models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Read More

Study: Your credit card data isn't really that anonymous

Scientists showed they can identify you with more than 90 percent accuracy by looking at just four purchases, three if the price is included — and this is after companies "anonymized" the transaction records. Read More

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