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    Rob is the veteran of the Star 94 Morning cast, delivering his “Info2Go” morning news to Atlanta for over 28 years now. Rob’s reports keep Star 94 listeners informed of what they need to know about their neighborhoods, country and world as they head into the workday. Rob’s passion is finding the stories you didn’t even know you were interested in until you heard his report! From your money, health, family, kids, career and personal tech, Rob uncovers the stories you’ll share. He’s won a bunch of awards, but prefers to leave them in boxes and instead hang pictures of his daughters Audrey, Caroline and Ashley on the wall. A native of Ohio, you can find Rob on any fall Saturday planning his day around TV broadcasts of his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.


WATCH: Former Braves Glavine, Maddux, Cox inducted into Hall of Fame (VIDEO)

It was a big day for the Atlanta Braves, who saw former pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine enshrined along with longtime manager Bobby Cox. Those three were part of a dominating Braves era that saw the team win 14 straight division titles. Read More

Study: Are fist-bumps really less germy than handshakes?

The importance of hand hygiene is nothing new in medicine. But the researchers realized that while a lot of research focused on hands getting germy from touching doorknobs and other surfaces, only a few studies had looked at handshakes. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: Nine benefits of owning less stuff

Most of the time we're thinking about how we'd be happier if we could afford more stuff. But is out with a list of nine ways you could end up being better off if you started getting rid of stuff. Read More

COWETA: Two injured in small plane crash

one of the men was trapped in the plane and authorities spent nearly 20 minutes extricating him from the wreckage. The plane crashed in a wooded area near a private airstrip. Read More

State Patrol starts enforcing 'slowpoke' driving law

Drivers pulled over Thursday received warnings for impeding traffic in the passing lane. He said none of the drivers said they were aware of the new law. Read More

AIRPORT: Hartsfield-Jackson opens second application site for faster security screenings

Those participating are allowed to go through airport security checkpoints without taking off their shoes, light outwear and belts. They can keep their laptops in their cases and liquids in their carry-on bags. Read More

Trial in Georgia peanut salmonella outbreak starts this week

The salmonella outbreak linked to peanuts processed by Peanut Corporation of America led to one of the largest food recalls in history. The CDC found 714 people in 46 states were infected between September 2008 and March 2009. Read More

Study: 9 in 10 adults eat everything on their plate

Just knowing that you're likely to consume almost all of what you serve yourself can help you be more mindful of appropriate portion size. Read More

Night owls and early birds have different personality traits

When you prefer to sleep can affect your personality and quality of life. The differences may be due to genes, which can determine a person's circadian rhythm, or due to "social jet lag." Read More

You can now legally 'unlock' your cellphone to work with another carrier

The law, which President Obama says he looks forward to signing, undoes a move by the Librarian of Congress in 2012. That made it a copyright violation to unlock a phone without the carrier's permission. Read More

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