TODAY'S LIST: The top 10 ways we are getting ripped off

A new survey asked people about the biggest ripoffs and the best values. Here are the top 10 ripoffs, according to a new survey:

  1. Movie theater popcorn and snacks.

  2. Gas.

  3. Movie tickets.

  4. Football tickets.

  5. Drinks at a bar.

  6. Gym memberships.

  7. Car insurance.

  8. Cable and satellite TV.

  9. Video games.

  10. Frozen dinners.

The survey also found the top 10 things we think are great values:

  1. Milk.

  2. Aspirin.

  3. Drinks you buy at the grocery store, like tea bags or soda.

  4. Fruit.

  5. Bread.

  6. Toilet paper.

  7. Coffee.

  8. Clothing.

  9. E-books.

  10. Laptops.

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