WATCH: Tiny mites are living on your face right now (VIDEO)

They are tiny eight legged mites, related to spiders and look rather like an ice cream cone with stubby legs at one end.

And they are living on your face right now.

A new study found the mites, invisible to the naked eye, in 100% of the people they tested.

Called Demodex, they live in our hair follicles, buried head-down, eating the oils we secrete.

Megan Thoemmes, a graduate student at North Carolina State University, told NPR. 'They're actually pretty cute. 'With their eight little legs, they look like they're almost swimming through the oil.'

'Realizing that everyone has them and they're likely not causing any problems, it's pretty reassuring.'

Scientists don't know how the mites spread among humans; one theory is that they're passed on from mother to child while breast-feeding.

The mites probably crawl on our faces at night, when it's dark.

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