Five ways vacation improves your life

If you weren't able to plan a vacation for Labor Day, you should try to do one soon, if possible. Because according to a new survey, they improve your life in are five huge ways.

  1. Vacations are good for your relationship. 80% of people who go on vacation every year said there's romance in their relationship, compared to 56% of people who never go on vacation.

  2. Vacations make you happier all year. 76% of people who go on vacations said they're generally "happy" or "extremely happy", compared to 43% of people who don't.

  3. Vacations make you feel more energized. 72% of people who go on trips said they basically feel "energized and full of life all the time". Only 34% of people who never go on vacations agreed with that.

  4. People who take vacations like their job more. Which might have to do with some jobs not offering paid days off. But 71% of people who take vacations said they're "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their job, compared to 46% of people who don't.

  5. Vacations make you feel healthier. 56% of vacationers described their health as "very good" or "excellent", compared to just 28% of people who never take time off.

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