WATCH: Atlanta couple's 'filmstrip' wedding compilation going viral (VIDEO)

Most couples print a few photos from their wedding day. The more ambitious compile them together in a photo book. Hundreds of photos go unused. Unless you're Kyle and Melissa King.

Kyle works in film for FotoKem. When he was trying to edit down the 3,000 wedding photos into something shareable, he discovered a unique way to put them all together. The four minute film of all 3,000 photos shows the entire day, starting with preparations at The Barn at Sierra Springs in Carrollton.

Commercial photographer Steve Thackston was pulled in at the last minute as a wedding photographer."I thought he did a really good job," he told the NY Daily News. "They are a very sweet couple and I'm glad this all worked out for them."

Several other outlets have picked up the wedding YouTube video as it topped 50,000 views.

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