WATCH: Thief caught dragging safe with his car (VIDEO)

A Swansboro, NC man has been arrested and accused of stealing a safe from a drug store.

Multiple media outlets reported that police said 22-year-old Ryan James Mullins was dragging the safe when he was caught Tuesday after an early-morning break-in at the store.

Mullins is charged with safecracking, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods, trafficking of opium or heroin and several traffic violations. It was not clear if he has an attorney.

Police responding to an alarm found Mullins driving down a road towing the safe.

Public Safety Chief Bob Ritchie said the safe was about 8 feet tall and about 2 feet deep and was used to hold medications. Ritchie said investigators think Mullins was trying to get controlled substances in the safe.

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