New Facebook Challenge: Mrs. Doubtfire's 'Hello!' for suicide prevention (VIDEO)

You've done the ALS ice bucket challenge, so what's next? It's the Mrs. Doubtfire face for Suicide Prevention.

All you do is recreate the scene from the movie where Robin Williams slams his face into a cake to make it look like he's wearing some kind of old lady cleansing mask and yells, "Hello!"

Upload a video (using shaving cream, whipped cream -- really anything) using the hashtags #DoubtfireFace #SayHelloToSuicidePrevention and #RobinWilliams.

Then, just like with the ice bucket thing, you nominate three more people to do it. But unlike the ice bucket thing, there doesn't seem to be a monetary penalty if you refuse.

The initiative was started by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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