Survey: These are the key ingredients of a successful relationship

Five kisses a day, a three and a half year age gap and a romantic meal once a month are among the key ingredients for a successful relationship, a survey has found.

Other crucial factors to keep your other half happy include admitting blame after an argument, sharing household chores and sex twice a week.

The list of 20 factors is designed to ensure that couple spend time together and are openly affectionate. However, having children was not among the top 20 factors in a survey of 2,000 adults.

Sharing two hobbies, saying 'I love you' at least once a day - particularly before you go to sleep - and regarding your partner as your best friend are also signs of a lasting liaison.

Top 20 signs of a perfect relationship, ranked in order:

  1. Admit you're wrong after an argument
  2. Say 'I love you' before you go to sleep
  3. Share household chores
  4. Regular date nights
  5. Take turns to cook
  6. Sex twice a week
  7. Share the washing up
  8. Same taste in films
  9. Meet through mutual friends
  10. Three year, six months age gap
  11. Two shared hobbies
  12. Share three mutual friends
  13. Three date nights a month
  14. Best friends
  15. Kiss five times a day
  16. Cuddle five times a day
  17. Have one romantic meal a month
  18. Two weekend breaks a year
  19. Both work full-time
  20. Have the same taste in food

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