LAKE LANIER: Body of missing teen found (VIDEO)

Forsyth County authorities say the body of Cody Daniel Gibbs, 19, was discovered early Thursday at Lake Lanier.

Gibbs was the last of three missing party-goers who scattered after an illegal party at a park along Lake Lanier was broken up by deputies.

Authorities say about two dozen young people were having a party with alcohol at Two Mile Creek Park at the end of Bethel Road during the early morning hours Tuesday. When deputies arrived to break up the party, the people scattered in all directions including into the lake.

Authorities set up a command post at the park and were working with investigators to try to see if the trio turned up elsewhere. Two of the three were eventually found just after noon on Tuesday.

Two boats were out searching with sonar to see if Cody Daniel Gibbs, 19, could be located in the water. Deputies say divers were in the water on Wednesday after something was detected. They found a stump and some under water timber.

The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office says Gibbs was at a party where heavy drug usage was involved. Friends of the missing victim tell FOX 5 Gibbs was going to be a father soon.

Paige Frost, a lifeguard, attended the party and tells Fox 5 News a deputy held her back from entering the water when Gibbs was screaming for help. Frost says by the time he agreed to let her go, it was too late.

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