TODAY'S LIST: The 5 rudest things people do at work

Is there one thing you wish your co-workers would stop doing, because it drives you crazy? A new survey asked people for the rudest thing someone can do at the office. Here are the top five:

1. Using your speakerphone. 36% of people said it's the most annoying thing they wish their co-workers would stop doing immediately. The only time it's okay is if you have an office, so no one else can hear it.

2. Loitering. Meaning you hang out and try to have lengthy, personal conversations while someone's working. Even if you're not talking to them, it's distracting if they're within earshot.

3. Eating food with a strong smell. Which could mean Indian food, anything with a lot of garlic, or even just a tuna sandwich. You can still have those things for lunch. Just go OUT to eat.

4. A messy desk. Especially if you share a desk with someone, or your desk is right next to theirs.

5. Setting your phone's ringer too high. Because then everyone hears it. And since it's right next to you, it's just not necessary. You'd still be able to hear the phone ring if it was on its lowest setting.

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