TODAY'S LIST: 14 things you shouldn't buy at Costco

Not everything is better in bulk. Check out a list of things you won't get a deal on at Costco, according to Yahoo News:

1. Books and DVDs. Usually Amazon has better deals. Up to 20% cheaper prices than Costco.

2. Sunscreen and skin lotion. You don't end up saving because skin creams go bad after a few months. Long before you go through two or three Costco-sized bottles.

3. Soda. Grocery stores have better deals when they put it on sale.

4. Produce. The prices are always the same at Costco, but if you buy when things are in season, you get huge price drops at the grocery store.

5. Printer paper. Costco gives you good deals. But if you get special offer emails from an office supply store, you can get paper for FREE a couple times a year.

6. Paper products. Bath tissue and paper towels are cheaper at the grocery store when they go on sale, and you can use coupons to save even more money.

7. Milk. The grocery store is usually cheaper, and you can buy one gallon at a time.

8. Electronics. Stores like Best Buy usually have better deals on TVs and computers.

9. Diapers. Generic diapers at Costco are about four cents more per diaper than the generic brands at Target and Walmart.

10. Liquid bleach and detergents. They don't work as well after about six months, so you're better off buying smaller bottles.

11. Condiments. Again, they go bad after about six months. If you think you can use a gallon of Tapatio in six months, go ahead and take your best shot.

12. Clothing and shoes. They might be cheaper, but they're lower in quality too.

13. Name-brand cereal. It's cheaper at the grocery store when it's on sale.

14. Canned goods. Wait for a sale at the grocery store and save up to 40%.

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