CARROLL: Plane crash victims identified, investigation continues (VIDEO)

Federal investigators say they're planning to probe several components of a small plane that crashed in western Georgia and killed two people.

The plane's pilot, Richard Haney, 70, and his 9-year-old grandson Jeffery, were killed in the crash, a family spokesperson said.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Ralph Hicks said during a press conference that the wreckage of a small, amateur-built plane found in a wooded area near Carrolton Sunday evening spanned an area that was about 100 feet long and 50 feet wide.

Hicks says the investigation will continue Tuesday with a review of the plane's engine and flight controls.

Hicks says the plane first hit a tree and the engine and propeller came off after impact. Carroll County Coroner Samuel Eady says authorities are using dental records to identify the two passengers.

Hicks says the small plane wasn't equipped with a black box or any other recording mechanism.

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