The ten most common complaints at restaurants

A new Consumer Reports survey asked people for their biggest complaints about restaurants. Here are the top 10:

  1. Dirty utensils or a dirty table, 76%.

  2. Dirty bathrooms, 73%.

  3. Rude or condescending servers, 72%.

  4. Servers with poor hygiene or a sloppy look, 67%.

  5. Meals served at the wrong temperature, 66%.

  6. Being served something you didn't order, 62%.

  7. Feeling rushed to finish or leave by the server, 61%.

  8. The server taking away your plate before you finish, 59%.

  9. Food that doesn't look or taste as good as it's described in the menu, 54%.

  10. Slow service, 51%.

A few things that finished just outside of the top 10 are tables that are too close together, not enough nutritional info available, too much nutritional info available and automatic gratuities.

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