COOPER HARRIS: Police re-enact scene, Leanna Harris visits husband at jail (VIDEO)

A wife of a the Cobb County man who is accused of murdering their son by leaving him in a hot car visited her incarcerated husband Tuesday.

Leanna Harris, 30, arrived at Cobb Jail accompanied by another woman at 8 a.m. and stayed in the visitation center for 36 minutes, reported 11Alive News.

The women declined to comment when approached by a reporter upon their exit.

Her husband, Justin Ross Harris, 33, claims he forgot their 22-month-old boy, Cooper, in a sweltering-hot SUV while he worked at a Home Depot in Marietta on June 18.

Meanwhile, Cobb Police spent more than seven hours re-enacting the scene of the hot car death in the Home Depot parking lot. But investigators said nothing afterwards.

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