Check out these acronyms for moms who text

Do you ever feel like you're speaking a language that only other moms can understand? Especially when it comes to texting?

Why do teens get to have all the fun with their own text speak? Moms are the ones who are typing away with one hand and nursing a babe or getting lunch ready with the other. A little shorthand would actually come in handy when texting back and forth with my mommy friends. Check out this list:

AB46 — Awake before 6

ARS — Acid reflux sucks

BJE — Best job ever

BITO — Bun in the oven

CIH? — Can I help?

CIR — Child in room

CIMC — Crying in my coffee

CS — Colic sucks

CTNM — Child texted, not me

DN — Date night

EM — Epic meltdown

EOWK — Eating out with kids

GUTF — Growing up too fast

HOOT — Husband out of town

IIBY — Is it bedtime yet?

INAN — I need a nap

LTTR — Lollipops to the rescue

MACA — Mac and cheese again

MTWS — Make the whining stop

MTCS — Make the crying stop

MBAL — My boobs are leaking

MRBD — Moms rule, babies drool

MRDD — Moms rule, daddies drool

MTO — Mommy time out

NWASB — Never wake a sleeping baby

NMC — Need more coffee

NMS — Need more sleep

NMW — Need more wine

PA — Park anyone?

PE — Poop everywhere

POS — Phone on silent

POTFA — Pee on the floor again

PTS — Potty training sucks

PWH — Phone was hijacked

RLMM — Running late, major meltdown

SBSA — Sharpie bandit strikes again

SMTSLS — So many toys, so little space

SN — Still napping

SOAL! — Stepped on a lego!

ST — So tired

TMI — Too many interruptions

TMS — Too much sugar

TO — Timeout

TTCD — Time to change diaper

TTF — Time to feed

TTGCTS — Trying to get child to sleep

TTP — Time to pump

TTSP — This too shall pass

VA — Vacuuming again

WSIMFB? — What should I make for breakfast?

WSIMFD? — What should I make for dinner?

WSIMFL? — What should I make for lunch?

WGMPB — Won't give my phone back

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