TODAY'S LIST: 10 things on social media that can cost you a job

According to a new survey from Career Builder, 43% of employers now check social media like Facebook and Twitter before they decide to hire you. Here are the ten things that are most likely to get you rejected:

  1. Inappropriate photos, or anything else provocative.

  2. Posts about drinking or doing drugs.

  3. Negative comments about a former boss or co-worker.

  4. Anything that shows you have poor communication skills, which could mean posts where you argue with people and are rude, or just lousy grammar and spelling.

  5. Any comments that discriminate against race, gender, or religion.

  6. Anything that shows you lied on your resume.

  7. Anything you posted about a previous employer that should have been confidential.

  8. Anything that links you to criminal behavior.

  9. Having an unprofessional username.

  10. Anything that shows you've lied to get a sick day.

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