EMORY HOSPITAL: Doctors remove 27-pound tumor from woman's stomach (VIDEO)

A woman is recovering at Emory Hospital after doctors removed a massive tumor from her stomach.

Doctors said it was a complicated 8.5 hour procedure to remove the 27-pound tumor. They initially believed the tumor was on the Doris Lewis' ovaries, but in fact it turned out to be inside her abdomen. Part of the tumor burst doing the surgery, but doctors were able to prevent infection.

At first, Lewis didn't know it was a tumor. She thought she was just gaining weight. Then her husband passed away and she said she put the medical situation to the back of her mind. She then lost her insurance, so when she began to think something was seriously wrong, she couldn't do anything about it.

Lewis went to the emergency about a month ago when she was experiencing shortness of breath. Doctors told her it had to come out right away.

"This thing was going to continue to grow," Dr. Alan Gordon told 11Alive News. "The good news for her was that even though it had grown a significant size, it had been doing this slowly."

Lewis is said to be in stable condition. Doctors said they would like her to be on her feet by Wednesday.

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