10 things that can ruin your vacation

Voyando.com asked 1500 users about things that can ruin their holiday. It turns out that almost everyone could easily come up with a list that they've encountered during a holiday and spoiled some of the fun. Here are the 10 most mentioned annoyances:

1. Bad service / unfriendly staff It turns out that staff can make or break your holiday. Getting excellent service makes up for a lot of other annoyances. Feeling at home and welcome is one of the most appreciated elements of a holiday. Whenever this is missing, it can become a real big spoiler.

2. Uncomfortable beds During a holiday, you spent a lot of time sleeping. An uncomfortable bed can ruin your sleep which heavily affects your mood during the day.

3. Expensive The (low) price you pay for getting at your destination is no guarantee for the prices when you eventually get there. If food and drinks are expensive, it can have a negative effect on your fun.

4. Bad food Besides expensive food and drinks, the quality of food plays an important role. Especially when you booked an all-inclusive package and the food quality is low, it can be a real annoyance.

5. Noisy people Sounds coming from the adjacent room, loud guests in the restaurant or screaming kids during breakfast. Other people can be a very prominent and negative factor during your holiday.

6. Expensive/bad WiFi Even when a holiday is meant to be disconnected from work, having a bad or expensive WiFi is mentioned a lot in our survey. Bad reception or charging a lot of money is one of the things people really hate.

7. Small bathroom A small bathroom can be really annoying. Our users told stories about toilets that are cramped, showers that tend to get the whole bathroom wet and no space to put your toiletry.

8. The weather If you book a tropical holiday or want to go skiing, the weather plays an important factor. No sun or snow can really spoil your trip.

9. Not looking like the pictures We all know that the pictures online of in the brochure are prettier than it really is. But sometimes the reality is completely different from the pictures. A real spoiler!

10. Insane departure/arrival times Great deal on your holiday? There is chance that the departure will take place really early in the morning. A 10 day trip suddenly becomes a 9 day trip because you spend the 10'th day completely on travelling.

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