The 10 best jobs that don't require a 4-year college degree

If you don't have a four-year college degree, you're not out of luck. There are some pretty good careers that don't require one. Here's a list of the 10 best:

1. Dental hygienist. Obviously not just anyone can do it. You need a two-year degree including clinical training, and you need a state license. But you can make 70 grand a year if you get that far.

2. Registered nurse. Nowadays a lot of them have four-year degrees. But it only requires a two-year degree, and it pays more than $65,000.

3. Web developer. It might take you more than four years to learn how to do it well. But you don't need a degree for it. And the median salary is $62,500.

4. Respiratory therapist. They help doctors with asthma patients and people who have lung diseases, and they also help take people on and off life support. It only requires a two-year degree and national certification, and pays $56,000.

5. Electrician. You need to be licensed, and you need to know a lot. But you can learn it on the job, and it pays almost 50 grand a year.

6. Computer service technician. Again, it takes a long time to learn how to work on computers. But plenty of people learn it on their own, and you can make $49,000.

7. Paralegal. Most of them have bachelor's degrees and certification, but you don't NEED anything, if there's a lawyer who will hire you. Pays about $47,000.

8. Appliance repairer. You can learn on the job, and you can make almost $44,000 on average.

9. Carpenter. It only takes experience. Typically you make around $40,000.

10. Auto body technician. Usually you get a job in a body shop and work your way up. It pays about $38,000 a year.

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