Here's the worst time to be admitted to the hospital

The time you schedule your surgery or get admitted to the hospital can affect your risk of death.

A recent study found that a patient's risk of death after surgery is highest on weekends, afternoons and in February. Another study echoed the findings, confirming that patients admitted to hospitals on the weekends have a higher risk of death than those admitted on weekdays.

For the first study, researchers analyzed data from over 200 thousand patients and found that patients operated on in the afternoon were 21 percent more likely to die compared to those who had surgery at other times of the day.

Additionally, surgery on the weekend was found to have a 22 percent higher risk of death than surgery on weekdays, and those who had surgery in February were 16 percent more likely to die than those who had surgery in any other month.

Researchers from both studies say they're unsure if hospital care quality is worse on the weekends and afternoons, or if patients admitted on weekends tend to be more ill than those admitted on weekdays.

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