Three new things to worry about with your marriage

Not to make you paranoid, but here are three new things to worry about when it comes to your marriage:

1. A serious illness could lead to a divorce. If you get a serious medical problem, there's a surprisingly high chance your husband or wife will add insult to injury and divorce you, especially your husband. The researchers say it's because men tend not to have the caregiving instincts women have.

2. Divorce can be contagious. A study out of Brown University found that people are 75% more likely to get a divorce if one of their close friends is divorced and 33% more likely to get divorced if a friend of a friend gets divorced.

3. Losing your job might drive you to cheat. The affair dating site compared their membership rates and unemployment rates and found as unemployment rates went up, so did sign-ups. Their theory is people who are out of work have more stress on their marriages and more time to have affairs.

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