Lakeside High teacher killed in wreck with prom-going teens (VIDEO)

Thirty-three-year-old Leah O'Brien of Decatur collided with two teenagers on their way to the Lakeside High School prom in Dekalb County Saturday night. O'Brian taught family and consumer sciences at Lakeside. Read More

WATCH: Earthquake in Nepal triggers avalanche at Everest base camp (VIDEO)

Nepal police say the death toll in the country has risen to at least 3,617 people. So far 18 people have also been confirmed dead in an avalanche that swept through the Mount Everest base camp in the wake of the quake. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: Seven part-time jobs that pay well

If you could use some extra cash, the website posted a list of the best part-time jobs that pay well. Here are the top seven. Read More

Decatur man missing after Nepal earthquake

Seventy-one-year-old Martin Emanuel, a sculptor and former faculty member of the Atlanta College of Art, was on a trekking expedition in the Langtang National Park area, north of Kathmandu, when the quake hit Saturday. Read More

GWINNETT: School bus cameras nabbing violators (VIDEO)

Most violations happened on multi-lane roads like Singleton Road between Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Indian Trail Road. Drivers both ways are required to stop when there's no physical median. Read More

New website advocates lighter sentences for APS ex-educators (LINK)

The website will focus on changing "the minds and the hearts" of Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter and District Attorney Paul Howard. Baxter plans to resentence three of the former educators who got the stiffest sentences on Thursday. Read More

WATCH: Trapped 7-foot black bear breaks out of Ellijay, GA garage (VIDEO)

A 7-foot bear that accidentally got stuck in a North Georgia garage clawed its way out a window as a resident watched. Teresa Ariail said the bear finally broke its way through her garage door window in Ellijay and climbed out Tuesday night. Read More

Gas prices jump 13 cents, find out where it's selling cheapest (LINK)

Higher crude oil prices caused the run-up at the pump. However, the price is $1.11 below the mark a year ago. In Metro Atlanta, the average price of $2.44 is 20 cents higher than a month ago. Read More

Texting While Driving: State bans make dent, but too many teens still doing it

A new study found that between 2011 and 2013, texting while driving was outlawed in 14 states. During that time, the teen texting-and-driving rate fell from 43 percent to just over 30 percent. Read More

Chipotle the latest chain to go non-GMO

The Denver-based chain had already been using mostly non-GMO ingredients, but said in late 2013 it was working on transitioning to a tortilla that did not use them. Read More

Diet Pepsi dropping Nutrasweet in favor of Splenda

The decision to swap sweeteners comes as Americans keep turning away from popular diet sodas. Coca-Cola said this week that sales volume for Diet Coke fell 5 percent in North America in the first three months of the year. Read More

How binge-watching can leave you feeling sad

Besides the fact that sitting for prolonged periods of time has been linked to health issues, binge-watching TV can actually lead to some mental issues. Read More

Why teens are drawn to social media dares

Last week it was the "Kylie Jenner Challenge", but before that there was planking, the chubby bunny challenge and even the cinnamon challenge. So what drives teens to take these sometimes risky social media challenges? Read More

WATCH: Betty White accepts lifetime achievement award at Daytime Emmys (VIDEO)

Tyra Banks hosted the ceremony that aired on the Pop cable channel. 'Days of Our Lives' and 'The Young and the Restless' tied for best daytime drama series. Read More

WATCH: Highlights of White House Correspondents Dinner (VIDEOS)

President Barack Obama joked about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hillary Rodham Clinton and others as he headlined the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner with some stand-up comedy. Read More

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