WATCH: Finally! An odor-eating toilet seat (VIDEO)

The battery-operated seat sucks in air and pushes it through an odor-eating carbon filter and an optional scent pack. Scents you can choose from include Garden Waterfall, Fresh Laundry and Avocado Spa. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: Four tricks so you don't eat too much on Thanksgiving

I don't care if my family judges me, I'm gonna eat three pounds of stuffing tomorrow and feel great about myself. But if you don't want to end up in a food coma on Thanksgiving, here are four tips that might help. Read More

WATCH: Want a moist turkey? Reach for the vodka (VIDEO)

Even though a lot of the alcohol will evaporate in the oven, the gravy comes with a kick to make up for it. Each bird has eight ounces of vodka injected into the 20 pound bird each day over a three day period and eventually contains 4 pints of vodka. Read More

WATCH: Ferguson cop Darren Wilson talks to ABC News (VIDEO)

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos landed the much-sought first television interview with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, speaking to him for an hour Tuesday in Missouri. Read More

Here's how many calories you could consume at Thanksgiving dinner

A professor at Cornell University monitored one family's early Thanksgiving dinner to figure out how many calories they were taking in. And while it's just a sample size of one family, it seems pretty universal. Read More

DWTS: Alfonso 'Carlton' Riberio wins Mirror Ball (VIDEO)

The winner was crowned at the conclusion of last night's season finale. It came down to Riberio and "Duck Dynasty" teen Sadie Robertson. Janel Parrish finished third. Read More

Thanksgiving travel woes? There's an app for that

Traveling by plane, train or automobile can be a headache. Mixing in Thanksgiving can make it a throbbing migraine. Technology provides some pain relief in the form of apps. Read More

Thanksgiving trumps Black Friday for deals

An analysis contradicts conventional wisdom that Black Friday is when shoppers can get the most and biggest sales of the year. Turns out, shoppers will find more discounted items in stores that are open on Thanksgiving. Read More

Frozen vs. Barbie: Find out which one won the holiday battle

The NRF's Holiday Top Toys Survey found that one in five parents, or 20 percent, plans to buy "Frozen" merchandise for their girls. That beats the 16.8 percent that are looking to make a Barbie purchase. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: Four things that can kill you on Thanksgiving

If you're not already stressed about the holidays, here are four things that could kill this weekend. Read More

Georgia roads, Atlanta's airport to see 1.3M Thanksgiving travelers

AAA says Wednesday and Sunday are expected to be the busiest days of the holiday week, with nearly 49,000 more Georgians than last year traveling at least 50 miles. Read More

Ferguson: Two dozen arrested during Atlanta protests (VIDEO)

Protesters filled the streets of Atlanta Tuesday in mostly peaceful opposition to the Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury decision, although some in the group broke windows in businesses along Peachtree Street and 21 were arrested. Read More

Sticker Shock: Obamacare premiums going up next year

Consumers across most of America will see their health insurance premiums go up next year for popular plans available through President Obama's health care law. Experts say it's going to take time for families to find the best deal for their finances Read More

Home Depot faces dozens of lawsuits over data breach

Home Depot says it faces at least 44 lawsuits in the United States and Canada over a data breach earlier this year that affected 56 million debit and credit cards. Read More

Merchandise 'Offers' are about to land in your Tweeter feed

Twitter is expanding its reach into commerce with a new tool called "Offers." Advertisers can post promotions and discounts in users' Twitter feeds, whether or not the users follow those merchants on the short-messaging service. Read More

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