FBI: No bombs found on 2 planes in Atlanta after threats (VIDEO)

The threats targeted Southwest Airlines Flight 2492, which arrived at Atlanta from Milwaukee, and Delta Air Lines Flight 1156, which arrived from Portland, Oregon. Passengers were taken off the aircraft and police bomb teams examined both planes. Read More

Study: Chances are you've been loading your dishwasher all wrong (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever opened your machine only to find bits of stubborn food still stuck to your plates, chances are you’ve been loading your dishwasher all wrong. A team of researchers have concluded there is a science to packing dishes into your washer. Read More

SANDY SPRINGS: Police seeking driver of pickup that hit woman on I-285, causing gridlock (VIDEO)

Police say 53-year-old Gayla Joyce Walker of Dunwoody was killed Thursday morning when she was struck by a large vehicle on I-285 in Sandy Springs that didn't stop. Investigators say the woman may have been hit my multiple vehicles. Read More

WATCH: Ex-NFL quarterback explains deflated footballs (VIDEO)

What advantages does a deflated football hold for a team? Former NFL quarterback Hugh Millen, who played two seasons for the New England Patriots and now helps designs footballs for manufacturer Baden in Washington state, explains. Read More

Fired Atlanta fire chief files discrimination complaint (VIDEO)

Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has filed a federal complaint against the city claiming he was discriminated against because of his religion. Mayor Kasim Reed fired Cochran over comments in his self-published book. Read More

MLK kids settle one of two lawsuits dividing them (VIDEO)

The Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Inc. on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit it had filed against the King Center. Dexter Scott King head up the estate while their sister, Bernice King, is CEO of the King Center. Read More

UGA: Coach Richt gets 2-year extension, will make $4M

Richt just completed his 14th season with the Bulldogs, who went 10-3 and finished No. 9 in The Associated Press rankings. It was his ninth 10-win season and sixth time Georgia has finished in the Top 10. Read More

Deflategate: Brady, Belichick offer no explanation (VIDEOS)

The two men most responsible for delivering wins for the New England Patriots both said Thursday they have no explanation for how footballs used to reach the Super Bowl were underinflated by 2 pounds per square inch. Read More

Do you rent an apartment? Prices are heading up

U.S. home rental prices continued to climb at a modest pace in December, but rapidly escalating costs in cities such as San Francisco and Denver suggest that apartment dwellers are facing more financial pressure. Read More

CDC: Moms' painkillers putting unborn babies at risk

Using narcotic painkillers in early pregnancy can increase the risk for certain birth defects, including spina bifida (a defect of the spine) and heart defects. These drugs also have been linked with preterm birth. Read More

WATCH: Jeff Gordon retiring as full-time NASCAR driver after this season (VIDEO)

Four-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon says he will retire as a full-time driver after the 2015 season. But the 43-year-old Gordon is cnot officially calling it a retirement because there is "always the possibility I'll compete in selected events." Read More

Trend: Snowboarding takes a slide in popularity (VIDEO)

Participation in snowboarding dropped 28 percent from 2003-2013, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. Downhill skiing also took a hit over that period but not as harsh — at 10 percent. Read More

You might be able to see asteroid whip past Earth on Monday

An asteroid up to 1,800 feet across is headed Earth's way. But don't worry: It will miss us by 745,000 miles, about three times the distance between Earth and the moon. Still, that's close for such a large rock. Read More

Survey: These two 'hot' foods are suddenly uncool

The survey also found that the average amount spent on dinner at a restaurant was $39.40 and 81 percent of respondents have sent food back to the kitchen. The same percentage admitted they’ve eavesdropped on other diners’ conversations. Read More

The 'duck face' selfie is out, this look is now in

Up until now, the classic face in selfies has been the 'duck face' - where you pucker your lips like you're about to kiss someone and stick them out like a duck. But this news look is way more flattering. Read More

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