DeKALB: Ex-commissioner Boyer faces prison for kickback scheme (VIDEO)

Former DeKalb County commissioner Elaine Boyer is facing federal conspiracy and mail fraud charges and says she'll plead guilty to the charges. Prosecutors say that she participated in a kickback scheme. Read More

WATCH: Instagram rolls out cool new time-lapse video app (VIDEO)

Hyperlapse, which is only available on iPhones for now, uses image stabilization technology to let users make time-lapse videos that look as polished as their Instagram photos. Read More

TODAY'S LIST: Three reasons you're in a bad mood this morning

Do you ever wake up in a bad mood, and you're not sure WHY? Here are three possible reasons, according to science. Read More

CARROLLTON: Additional arrests made in death of 13-year-old (VIDEO)

21-year-old Kenneth Wheat and 24-year-old Jackquline Freeman have been charged with murder in the death of Nizzear Rodriguez. Police also say 34-year-old Oledia Ward has been charged with making false statements. Read More

WATCH: Chelsea Handler bids good-bye to E! (VIDEO)

Ellen DeGeneres wants to know why she was never a guest on Chelsea Handler's talk show. It was part of a bit on Handler's last show for E! Handler ended her seven-year run with a live version of "Chelsea Lately" last night. Read More

We eat this much more at a backyard barbecue than a regular meal

The five top barbecue foods were burgers in buns, sausages, salad, potato salad and coleslaw, the study found. A plate with one portion of each has around 900 calories. Read More

New nail polish combats date rape (LINK)

The inventors of a new nail polish claim it can detect whether a drink brought over by a stranger at a party is safe. Read More

Study: Do-it-yourself blood pressure care can beat the docs

Those who did their own readings at home and adjusted their medicine as needed had healthier blood pressure levels after a year than those who got standard doctors' care. Read More

Suffer from hangovers? Might want to blame your parents

Genetics accounts for nearly half of the reason why one person experiences a hangover and another person doesn't, after drinking the same amount of alcohol, the study said. Read More

It takes this long to recover from a breakup

The study also found that for the average person, it takes about one month for every year you spent together to get over the relationship. So if you were together three years, it'll take three months until you can move on. Read More

Are you guilty of being a 'snowplow' parent?

A new study finds that "snow plow parents," or parents who clear every obstacle from their child's path while at the same time pressuring the kid to succeed, can be as damaging as "helicopter parents." Read More

Surprise! Most social media users keep hot button opinions to themselves

People who use Facebook and Twitter are less likely than others to share their opinions on hot-button issues, even when they are offline, according to a surprising new survey by the Pew Research Center. Read More

America's safest driving cities - find out how Atlanta ranks

The report found that you're likely to get into a crash - fender bender or worse - once in every seven years, based on traffic congestion and other factors like weather. Read More

Stand for this much time at the office to stay healthy

Spending six or seven hours a day sitting down in the office can have a detrimental effect on health. Instead, break up the time by holding stand-up meetings, coffees or lunches or set aside a certain amount of time to work standing up. Read More

Poll: Does your teenager know how to change a flat tire?

The poll by Michelin finds 52% of American teens ages 15 to 17 don't know how to replace a tire. A total of 44% don't know how to examine the tire tread depth and 32% can't figure out how to check tire pressure. Read More

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