TODAY'S LIST: Three new weight loss tricks

With all the diet books out there, you'd think they'd have run out of weight loss tricks by now. But somehow they keep churning them out. Here are three new ones you may not haven heard before. Read More

WATCH: Dance workout puts moves on women's self-esteem (VIDEO)

A new women's only dance workout is putting the moves on fitness and self-esteem. Former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones created the Vixen Workout two years ago after she lost her job as a financial assistant. Read More

Everything you need to know about this year's flu shots (VIDEO)

This year health officials have some different advice for different ages: Certain kids should opt for the ouchless nasal spray. Seniors, expect to get a new kind of pneumonia shot along with that flu jab. Read More

Falcons romp to 56-14 win over Buccaneers

Matt Ryan threw for 286 yards and three touchdowns, Julio Jones hauled in nine passes for 161 yards and a couple of scores, and Devin Hester set an NFL record with his 20th return for a TD. Read More

BUCKHEAD: Police looking for four men after shots fired outside Lenox Square (VIDEO)

Atlanta Police are searching for four men after shots were fired Thursday afternoon outside Lenox Square. Read More

GWINNETT: County school system to change attendance zone (VIDEO)

The redistricting plan is likely to affect about 14,000 students from Berkmar, Central Gwinnett and Meadow Creek high schools -- along with the middle and elementary school that feed them. Read More

Home Depot: Data breach affected 56M payment cards

The Home Depot estimates that a cyberattack earlier this year affected 56 million unique payment cards. The retailer said it has eliminated the malware behind the attacks that took place between April and September. Read More

Scots reject independence in historic vote (VIDEO)

The decision prevented a rupture of a 307-year union with England, bringing a huge sigh of relief to the British political establishment. Scots voted 55 percent to 45 percent against independence in a vote that saw an unprecedented turnout. Read More

We could see police radar gun that detects drivers who text behind the wheel (VIDEO)

The device would be similar to a radar-gun and would detect radio frequencies emitted from someone using a cellphone. Text messages, phone calls, and data transfers emit different frequencies that could be distinguished by the device. Read More

Not even Apple can get past your iPhone, iPad password

Apple has tightened its technological security so not even the company can pry into a password-protected iPhone or iPad in a move meant to reassure the millions of people who are increasingly storing vital pieces of their lives on the devices. Read More

Is plastic from toothpaste getting stuck in your gums? (VIDEO)

The micro beads get caught in the gum line causing bacteria that can lead to gingivitis and disease. After a blog post went viral, Proctor & Gamble – the manufacturer of Crest toothpaste – took notice. Read More

Gross! Your hands are dirtier than most surfaces

Researchers swabbed samples from 25 public spaces, and then swabbed the hands of participants. They found the public spaces had an average of 33,000 bacteria, while the people tended to carry about ten million bacteria on their hands. Read More

Our pets are costing us sleep

A poll of one thousand cat and dog owners found that 54 percent said they often lost up to 90 minutes of sleep because of their pets. Read More

Facebook plans to push down your posts for more 'timely' ones

Facebook still wants to be the place you share your vacation photos, but it’s also trying to become home to more conversations about what's going on right this moment. The social network is going to be showing more “timely” updates about trending topics. Read More

Here's why the price of Nutella might soar

Storms and an early frost have apparently killed off most of Turkey's hazelnut harvest-- which is where most of the world's hazelnuts come from. Read More

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