WATCH: Rev. Creflo Dollar strikes back at 'private jet critics' (VIDEO)

A new YouTube video shows Creflo Dollar slamming critics of his mission to raise money for a new Gulfstream G650 jet. Read More

WATCH: Cellphone cam captures Indiana high school stage collapse (VIDEO)

A large group of students was on the stage during the grand finale of the concert dubbed "American Pie" when the floor of the stage collapsed into the orchestra pit below. More than twelve were injured, one critically. Read More

This app tells if food is still safe to eat after sell-by date (VIDEO)

The USDA has launched an app called Foodkeeper which provides "valuable storage advice about more than 400 food and beverage items, including various type of baby food, dairy products and eggs, meat, poultry, produce, seafood, and more." Read More

Decision on charges in deaths of nursing students could take months (VIDEO)

The crash took the lives of five Georgia Southern University nursing students, including two from Metro Atlanta. It began when a tractor-trailer slammed into stop-and-go traffic from an earlier wreck. Read More

Valdosta State University cancels classes in flap over flag protest (VIDEO)

Uproar over a protest in which demonstrators walked on an American flag has prompted a south Georgia university to cancel classes ahead of a rally expected to draw crowds of flag supporters to Valdosta. Read More

JEFFERSON: Teen listening to music on phone killed by train (VIDEO)

The train engineer was blowing the CSX train's whistle but the teenager never made a move to get out of the way. Wirthman says the boy's phone was still playing music when it was found in the wreckage. Read More

UGA: Most of tuition increase will go into staff, faculty pockets

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead said he's looking to increase salaries by about 5 percent to narrow the faculty pay gap between UGA and other Southeastern Conference schools. Read More

Spoiler Alert: 'Grey's Anatomy' kills off McDreamy (VIDEO)

If you haven't seen Thursday's "Grey's Anatomy" and plan to — spoiler alert! Read More

Was it an ingredient in ice cream that caused listeria recall?

Major recalls from two well-known ice cream companies due to the discovery of listeria bacteria raise questions about how the pathogen could have contaminated multiple ice cream manufacturing plants — and whether the discoveries are related. Read More

Yogurt may not offer the health boost that nutritionists claim

Researchers discovered no link between regular yogurt consumption and improved health outcomes. They also found no link between yogurt and improved health for those who don't smoke and eat a Mediterranean diet. Read More

Can IKEA ruin your relationship?

The problem is that the store is a domestic wonderland, and walking through it can bring up touchy relationship subjects such as who does most of the cooking or most of the child-caring tasks. Read More

Chipotle is now delivering, but it will cost you

For the first time ever, Chipotle is delivering. The chain has just announced a partnership with a delivery app called Postmates to bring burritos straight to your home in 67 different cities. Read More

WATCH: How Michelle Obama reacted to kid who asked her age (VIDEO)

The top question put to Michelle Obama during a question-and-answer session with the children of White House employees was "Can I have a hug?" Read More

Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend by drowning Apple devices (PIC)

When a woman in Japan found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, she decided to get some hardcore revenge. She filled up their bathtub and dumped all of his Apple products in. Read More

New website predicts how Starbucks barista will misspell your name (LINK)

The site isn't just making up the crazy spellings either. It's based on photos of real misspellings on Starbucks cups that people have posted online. It even shows you a cup with your butchered name. Read More

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