Emmy Fashion = FIERCE!

Lots of ladies wore red, at last night's Emmy Awards, which is unusual... Most celebs avoid red since it can clash with the red carpet. Read More

25 Awesome Places To Shop In Your Late 20'S - Early 30'S

Too old for Forever 21...Too young for Talbots pantsuits... Here's where to find clothes to fit your life, and your budget, at this stage in the game. Read More

Are Professional Pedicures Really Safe?

We've all heard the warnings about questionable nail salons. Here's a podiatrist's advice on how to keep your toes pretty, and safe, when getting a pedicure. Read More

THIS Is Plus Size???

Model Robyn Lawley chose her health over her career as a mainstream model, and it's paying off! Read More

What Your Nail Shape Says About Your Personality

A new trend says that you can learn all about people's personalities, just by looking at the shape of their nails! Read More

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