Are Professional Pedicures Really Safe?

We all want pedicure-perfect-piggies for sandal season, but we've all also heard warnings about questionable nail salons. lots of customers, the potential for nicks and cuts, and employees who may be too rushed to properly clean equipment and tools, all make for the easy spread of bacteria.

Here's a podiatrist's advice on how to keep your toes pretty, and safe!

1- Don’t shave the day you get a pedicure! You may nick yourself and skin is your first line of defense for infection.

2- Be sure salon the foot-baths are drained, sanitized and rinsed between each customer. Bacteria or fungal infections can be introduced from soaking your feet in the water, particularly if you have a nick, cut, bug bite or scrape. And even if the tub itself is disinfected, the potential for risk is still there: dead skin and bacteria can build up in the foot bath’s hard-to-clean water jets.

3- Choose a reputable nail salon that is licensed to sterilize its instruments or a salon that uses brand new tools from a sealed package for each customer. You can also bring your own tools to the salon.

4- Just ask for a polish change. Skip soaking your feet in the water and just have your nails polished. Then....

5- Give yourself an at-home pedicure, to avoid diseases at salons. Exfoliate rough spots with a pumice stone, in the shower. After your shower, dry most (not all!) of the water off of your feet. Slather on a thick moisturizer. (If you shower at night, put socks on your freshly moisturized feet. They'll be super soft in the morning!) Clip your nails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.

If you suspect you have an infection from a pedicure, call your doctor. Read more info on pedicure safety. (Piedmont)

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