8 New Services We Can't Live Without

Things we miss, from "back when": Human interaction, no annoying internet pop-ups.... Things we'd miss if we had to go back to "back when": Google, GPS, Spanx (!)

If you don't know about these amazing, modern day helpers, check out some of the "services of now" that will change your life!

1- Uber: We used to stand at the window watching for the cab to arrive. Now, we can watch the driver's every move, en route.... AND we don't need cash to pay the driver! In case you've never taken an Uber ride, be warned... it only takes one ride with this private driver service and you'll be hooked!

2- Venmo: Who carries cash anymore? Next time you go in on a group gift, everyone can pay the gift getter with ease thanks to Venmo. Securely link up your bank account, and instantly send money to any other user, free of charge!

3- Duo Lingo: Whether you want to learn French, or brush up on your High School Spanish, Duo Lingo turns learning a language into a game! Try as many, or as few, of these daily lessons that are as addictive as Candy Crush!

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