THIS Is Plus Size???

Robyn Lawley's unretouched bikini pic
Image via Robyn Lawley's Instagram

Ever since Robyn Lawley decided to move to plus-sized modeling, from straight-size modeling, her career has taken a turn... To the likes of the covers of Vogue Italia, Elle France, and Cosmopolitan in, she's been on all of them.... and from this picture, you can see why. The woman is GORGEOUS!

Now, she's adding entrepreneur to her resume. Robyn was frustrated with the limited swimsuit options for sizes 10 and up. So, she's started her own line, Robyn Lawley Swimwear, for those of us in that size range.

To promote the line, she posted this picture of herself modeling one of the bikinis on Instagram, with hashtag "#retouchandmakeupfree."

The photo of course has started a frenzy... getting more than 1,400 likes and comments like, "If this is plus sized then I hardly know any skinny people," and "Plus size your a**, fashion industry!"

Robyn is a body-image activist, and has always been open when talking about weight and health. She was one of the 3 plus-size models who made their own rendition of the Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue cover. She says, “I don't ever starve myself or diet...I try to eat as healthy as I can day to day and always have.” She also said that she stays in shape by doing yoga and kickboxing.

So the question that remains is: Why would a woman, who looks thin by most people's standards, be considered "plus size" at all?

See lots more beautiful pics of Robyn on her Instagram.

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