Basic First Aid For Common Summer Injuries

The sun, the water, the free time... The cuts, burns, and bug bites....

Here's how to manage when the expected, unexpected summer injury happens.

That mosquito bite I got the other day is now read and painful: Get a ball point pen and trace its periphery at the first sign of irritation. This will give you a map on whether the irritation is getting bigger. Then wash it twice daily, with soap and water, to keep it clean. It should clear up but if you develop flu-like symptoms or if the red area gets bigger, you'll need to see a doctor.

I sliced my hand cutting a watermelon: Don't rinse the cut under running water immediately. This can wash away natural clotting agents in the blood and cause it to bleed even more. Instead, grab a gauze pad or a clean towel and apply hard pressure for 10 minutes, to stop the bleeding. Then hold your hand under running water for 10 minutes. Keep it bandaged with gauze and tape until it heals. If the cut is gaping open more than half an inch, it's time to head to the ER for stitches.

My 2-year-old niece has a bad sunburn: If she is dizzy, weak, sick to her stomach, spiking a fever, or if the burn is severe and blisters have formed, take her to the ER. If her only symptoms are discomfort and redness, then apply cool compresses (10-15 mins, twice a day) and aloe vera lotion, and give her children’s ibuprofen. Avoid lotions with petroleum, or anything ending in-caine (benzocaine, lidocaine). which can be dangerous when not given by a professional.

Read lots more helpful tips on first-aid for these and other common Summer injuries. (RealSimple)

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