BabyBook App From CanDoBaby

A custom, hand-made crafty baby book... sure, you've got plenty of time to whip one of those out... for each one of your kids.

OR!... if you find yourself a bit stretched for time, then you'll want to download the Baby Book App from CanDoBaby. It helps you chart your baby’s milestones with photos, so you can easily make a baby book, right from your iPhone!

You can set up profiles for different kids, and scroll through a series of pre-set milestones by age, choose one, then add a picture to go with it.

The app can also access the timestamp on your picture, and add it to the correct milestone. So, if you don’t get around to adding the picture until a few weeks later, the pic will still go where it belongs...this way, when you print your book, it will be filled with captions and exact dates as opposed to “11 months-ish.”

Note: The template and layout is nice, but there’s not a lot of customization, so if you’re a super creative type, looking for an app that you can REALLY personalize with, this may not be the one for you.

But if you’re crazy busy and want an easy way to keep up with your baby’s milestones for a great price then, get it girrrrrl (or guy!). Read More (CoolMomTech)

Download the CanDoBaby! Baby Book app.

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