How To Undo A Tech Mistake

Tech Damage Control... it’s something that’s becoming even more crucial than spell check! Here are some quick tips on how to reverse a tech message mistake.

Un-send an Email: - In Gmail: Enable the “Undo Send” feature (go to “Settings,” then “Labs,” then “Undo Send” and hit “Enable”) and you’ll always be able to undo any accidental “reply all” damage. In Microsoft Outlook: It’s not as simple as Gmail, but Outlook does allow you to recall messages that have been sent. If the email hasn’t been opened, you can delete it entirely, or replace it with an error-free email. To enable Recall, go to “Navigation Pane,” then “Sent Items.” Open the message you want to recall or replace and on the “Actions” menu, click “Recall This Message.” Then “Delete Unread Copies of This Message.”

Un-send a Text - On An iPhone: You can’t actually un-send a text once it's gone, but you can stop one that’s in the process of being sent... Once you notice your flub, immediately put your phone on Airplane Mode. When the text fails to deliver, delete the message. Note, this only works for texts sent through iMessage and for texts that are sending particularly slowly. On an Android: (Or iPhone, BlackBerry and WP7!) TigerText is an app for texts gone awry. TigerText, lets you recall any message and even set a time limit for how long the recipient has to view it (like Snapchat).

Edit a Post: - On an Instagram Caption: Edit the caption without having to delete the whole post. Go to the pic and hit “Comments.” Hold down your comment, swipe left, then tap the trash bin. On Facebook: Click the down arrow in the top right-hand corner, then hit “Edit.” Delete the person you didn’t mean to tag, or edit your post's comment.

Read lots more tips on how to undo tech slips. (PureWow)

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