Your Most Pressing First World Problems, SOLVED

When these utter tragedies strike, don't panic... just remember these simple solutions.

1- 1st World Problem: My giant burger is hard to eat. Solution: Turn it upside down. The top bun is usually bigger and can support the ingredients better.

2- 1st World Problem: I need Incredible Hulk strength to get the garbage bag out of the can. SolutioN: Drill holes in the bottom of the garbage can to eliminate the suction and make getting a full bag out easier.

3- 1st World Problem: I'm out of lip gloss. Solution: Get the last bit gloss by standing the tube up-right, in hot water for 20 mins.

4- 1st World Problem: My bananas ripen too fast. Solution: Separate them into a 6-pack container. They ripen faster when they're in a bunch.

5- 1st World Problem: I don't want to watch the DVD trailers. Solution: Skip the trailers on a DVD by pressing STOP STOP PLAY. Read 18 other 1st world problem solutions. (BuzzFeed)

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