Family Summer Trips: 9 Surprising Items To Pack For Kids

Besides clothes and crayons, here are some things you might not have thought to pack, but will be glad that you did!

1- Swaddling blankets or scarves: Even when past the swaddling stage, a lightweight blanket or large scarf can double as a picnic blanket, an impromptu shawl in a chilly restaurant, or a light blanket for a nap in the car.

2- Oatmeal packets: If your kids wake up early, and hungry, and you’re still in bed, light, pack-able breakfast foods can tie them over until you're ready to head down for the hot hotel breakfast. Pack a spoon too, for on-the-go oatmeal.

3- A headphone splitter: 2 kids, 1 tablet... you know the rest of the story. A splitter stops the "share the earbuds fight," before it starts.

4- Their pillowcases from home: (Works for adults too!) Hotel sheets are usually not as soft as their own. Putting your kid's pillowcases from home, over the hotel pillow, can be the comfort they need for a good nights sleep!

5- Reusable water bottles: From the airport, to museum cafes and hotel-mini bars, having these can save you a LOT of money. Find 4 other things to pack for your kids. (CoolMomPicks)

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