25 Secrets Of Professional Organizers

This is the insider info on organizing, that you usually have to pay the pros to get!

1- It will always take you at least five times longer to sort through a box of personal papers than you think it will.

2- Avoid lids: Lids on bins and baskets make it harder to put things away. Use clear boxes for storage so that you can see what's inside.

3- The goal should be to remove the clutter, NOT to make more storage space. If you buy baskets, containers and hooks before you've sorted the stuff, and figured out what we really need, only to find the things we bought aren't the right type or size...Then, all the new containers just become more clutter.

4- Purge paper: Paper is the biggest clutter problem for most, but 80% of the paper you get you don’t need to keep. Magazines, mail, receipts... try to weed some out every day.

5- Sure, you could sell that thing on eBay... But chances are it will be more work than it's worth. Unless you're and avid online seller, or you need the money, it's usually better to just donate things and move on.

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