Star 94 is proud to be an active part of the Atlanta Metro community. Over the years it has been our pleasure to not only entertain, but also to serve the community we thrive in. Star 94 is proud to champion several non-profit and community events on an annual basis.

If you or your organization are interested in becoming one of Star 94's "Star" Non-profit/Community partners please complete the attached form and fax it to 404-365-9026. There are many organizations that need our support and many we wish we could help. By focusing on a few, we've seen great success and can truly say we've made a difference.

No Non-profit/Community partner shall be left unaided. If, for some reason, your organization is not chosen to be a "Star" partner we will gladly post your event or organization on this Community Info. page. The Star web-site receives hundreds of thousands of monthly page views, so rest assured your message will be heard. To request a listing on this page, please submit your information here for review.

Non-Profit Partner Events

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Community Information

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