OMG...where is the blood coming from???!!

"Where is the blood coming from?" I yelled to my mom?

While running errands in Newnan over the weekend, I went to pull my almost two year old out of her car seat when we got to Target and she had some blood on her face, her hand and on her leg. I think I am a pretty calm person when it comes to medical situations. I have had cancer, my mom has had cancer, my dad had open heart surgeries, my husband had ACL surgeries and my daughter was attacked by dogs at the beginning of this year, so needles to say, I have had my share of medical stuff. lol

That being said, I still do NOT like the sight of blood. So when I saw that my little precious bundle of love had blood on her face, I was like WHAT I THE WORLD??!!! The funny thing is, she was super calm as I tried to get her out of the seat to investigate. Then out of nowhere, my nine year old daughter Lily says, "I saw Luna put her finger up her nose!" Soooooo THAT is what happened??! Really???! Apparently, Lulu shoved her finger up her nose and made it bleed. Seriously. Why do kids do this?

THIS comes mere DAYS after Lily herself got in trouble at school because during lunch, she and her friends thought it would be funny to put a cheeto up their noses. A CHEETO! Oh em GEEE!!!! Please tell me that your kids have done this too? Or maybe you did when you were a kid? I must know! lol


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