Why I can't stop crying about Robin Williams

Dead Poet's Society

I can't stop being sad about Robin Williams. Is anyone else having this same problem? Like seriously, every time I see a post on Facebook or someone says his name I just want to instantly bawl like a baby. I am not sure why really. People die all of the time. Celebrities die all of the time. It wasn't like I was even this HUGE Robin Williams fan either. I just thought he was a really good actor and although I never had the chance to meet him, he seemed like a really good person.

I think I am so sad because we all know now that he was really really sad. He was so sad in fact, that he decided to end his life. The seemingly Blessed life that he had with a wife, three children and a very, very successful career. As a mom, the thought of being away from my children for a long extended period of time makes my heart hurt. Everything I do in life, is for my family. But Robin Williams was so sad that he couldn't pull himself out of his sadness to see what was right in front of him. A family who loved him. A world who loved him. But it is because he had an illness. He suffered from depression and he was not well.

Aladdin and Dead Poet's Society were two of my favorite Robin Williams movies. I was obsesssssed with Aladdin. It has always been my #1 favorite Disney movie. Even as much as I love Frozen, Aladdin will always be #1. Dead Poet's Society taught me to "Carpe Diem." Something I had never heard of until that movie. Good Will Hunting was another one. I guess I could go on and on really. We all could.

I have had a crazy last few weeks. Ups and downs...just life really. But this happening last night has once again put things into perspective for me. Life is precious and as I always try to remind myself everyday to find...la joie de vivre. The Joy of Life. You only get to do this thing once and as Robin Williams said so wonderfully..."Carpe Diem...seize the day!"

Here is a beautiful montage that the Huffington Post put together of some of Robin's beautiful movie moments! Grab a tissue.

enter image description here

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